trying to find kyuhae amidst the dozens of other couples is like digging for diamonds in mud – it’s a rare gem, but when you find it, it’s veritable mannah from heaven. you have to take off the mainstream goggles to see it, which isn’t a difficult feat if you have a penchant for subtle fanservice. to quote an anon from kpopficsmeme:

[Donghae] would do anything he can to make the fans happy, and that’s why he’s the most popular. If the fans want Eunhae, he’ll parade Eunhae until everybody ships it like the Spanish armada. Same goes for Shihae or Shihyukhae. But the thing is, nobody particularly wants Kyuhae fanservice, but you still see him grabbing Kyuhyun’s voluptuous ass when he’s singing, just to make Kyuhyun lose his concentration for a moment.

– read the entire anon comment here (note: thank you, anon! just say so if you want unanon credit ♥)

as you can see, they make a pretty delicious couple.

also consider that they are opposites of each other. donghae has an out-there personality, vibrant, outgoing and friendly. kyuhyun is more subdued, guarded, introverted and kind of awkward. you’d think that personalities on opposite ends of the spectrum would lead to some kind of tension, but instead we’re treated to something else entirely, something that kyuhae fans know all too well: kyuhyun’s fanboying.

once you’ve gotten over how hot they look together – and most kyuhae shippers say this is the first reason they started considering them as a couple – fans then cite kyuhyun’s hero worshipping of donghae as the reason why they were hooked into fandom. in 2008, kyuhyun wrote a very personal, almost intimate essay entitled “lee donghae: you are my hero,” basically outlining how he thinks the world of donghae.

No matter how I say it, Donghae hyung holds a very high place in my heart. I remember when I first joined SJ as the 13th member, I felt very uneasy, but hyung would always give me strength, whenever I got depressed, he was always there to encourage me, I really love this kind of hyung.

Having a sensitive personality, hyung used to cry often, but because he made a promise with his father that he wouldn’t cry, he never cried again because of sadness. Hyung is so handsome when he’s strong.

Hyung is also very handsome when he works hard. In our company, hyung is a well known “training worm,” you can find him in practice rooms very often.

Hyung has very beautiful, expressive eyes, his emotions always shows through his pure eyes, with nothing concealed.

in here you learn that: they roomed together when sj-m first debuted, that they would try out skin care products together and that kyuhyun completely adores donghae. d’aaaw. ♥

the rest of the essay reads like an ode to how how cool and handsome and great donghae is. it’s very telling and lays the groundwork for how fandom perceived their relationship to be. now here comes the shipping part – kyuhyun is known as suju’s resident snarker, right? well, here he has nothing but good things to say about donghae. he probably talks back and makes biting comments to all his other hyungs, but makes the exception for donghae – that’s how special he is in kyuhyun’s book.

but make no mistake on donghae’s part! there’s a lot of love on his side as well. in 2007, donghae was the one who visited kyuhyun the most while he was recovering after the car accident. aside from rooming together in china when sj-m first debuted, they also roomed together (+sungmin) when kyuhyun first entered the group. it was during this time when kyuhyun had it the hardest (being away from home AND having the leader “adjust” to you (1:39) does not equal a happy magnae). donghae told him not to cry and was there to help him when he had trouble coping with being away from his family.


ELF: Kyuhyun Oppa!!!!!!
Kyu: What!!!!!^ ^

ELF: Who is Donghae oppa’s?
Kyu: Donghae hyung is mine ^ ^

ELF: Let’s get into a relationship~
Kyu: I said Donghae oppa is mine, why would I want to get into a relationship with you? ㄱㄱㄱㄱ

ELF: Are you bored? lets go somewhere
Kyu: lets go, where? the beach? (referring to Donghae)


{TRANS} 1st place for 3weeks in a row!!! Thank you so so much E.L.F.!! I love you E.L.F.! ㅎ Kyuhyun-ah, have today’s 1st place^^ God will protect our maknae so you aren’t sick! I love you Kyuhyun ^^


so let’s move on to something more concrete and way more convincing than rambling blocks of text: THE VISUALS!

– kyuhyun’s relay talk which was all about the awesomeness that is donghae. in here, kyuhyun writes to donghae: “To Donghae hyung, whom I really love. It’s already been one year and six months since I met you. There have been many lucky things for me after I entered SM but meeting you was the luckiest. Let’s not let our love change.”

– happy bubble mv in which the girl is irrelevant

-kyuhae parody of zhang li yin’s moving mv in which kyuhyun is zhang li yin, and donghae is blatantly skinshippy. ♥

– whispering to each other in china

– donghae sharing his mic with kyuhyun during dream concert 2010 (sorry! sbs reported the video 😦 )

– way back into love with jessica and taeyeon. this proves that they need a duet, like right now.

– radio show promoting bonamana (wherein donghae’s arms are always around kyuhyun’s shoulders)

full credit to:


Ryeowook: Just now, Donghae and Kyuhyun had a fight

Leeteuk: Why why?

Eunhyuk: Fought again?

Ryeowook: Because there’s only one TV. Kyuhyun wanted to play games. Donghae wanted to do monitors. (watch shows and give opinions)

Leeteuk: Then shouldn’t monitor be done first?

Kyuhyun: That’s why I quickly saved my game and let him use the TV.


Kyuhyun is denying KyuHae. but the truth cannot be denied.



Super Junior Mini Drama Episode 5

Donghae: “Did you wear underwear today?”

 Kyuhyun: “No, I didn’t wear underwear.”

 Donghae: *touches Kyuhyun’s pants*—

Who would you want to be reborn as?

Kyuhyun: I have someone! I want to be Donghae-sshi

Leeteuk/Shindong: Why?

Kyuhyun: Because Donghae-sshi looks like he walked out from a manga.

Eunhyuk: You shouldn’t say that.

Kyuhyun: There are really a lot of girls who like him.

Leeteuk: What part of Donghae-sshi is good?

Kyuhyun: His face.

Leeteuk: Just his face?

Kyuhyun: Take away everything except for his face — just his face.

Leeteuk: Once more, if you could be reborn?

Kyuhyun: I want to be reborn with Donghae-sshi’s face.

Leeteuk: If Donghae-sshi was a girl, would you date him?

Kyuhyun: If Donghae-sshi was a girl? If I was a girl, I would date

Leeteuk: Oh, you really like him.

(really i’m so overeacted about Kyu’s conffesion LOL just please two of you why didn’t get married SUPER ULTRA SOON!)

Kyuhae and Kyumin both are exist.

ELF: Oppa~ let my arrow stab your heart! ❤
Donghae: AH! ^^
Kyuhyun: He’s dead.
ELF: Who is Donghae Oppa?
Kyuhyun: Donghae hyung is mine.
ELF: Let’s get into relationship!
Kyuhyun: I said Donghae hyung is mine, why would I want to get into relationship with you?
Kyuhyun: From now on there should be more attention to KYUHAE.
ELF: EUNHAE is the best!
Kyuhyun: What? EUNHAE? KYUHAE is the best!
ELF: There’s no KYUHAE. There’s only KYUMIN!
Kyuhyun: They both exist.

p.s: will be updated later 😀 and so on~

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