So hey chewy whats up?

I think you guys already know who I am. but yeah to be in polite i’ll still do my bitchy introduction for my all psychos (I named all readers in here as psychos anyway  kekekeke~)  who visiting me here.

i’m Han Cheonsa but people already call me as Voldemort and Bitchy one, well nevermind I love them both.

I’m 19 and I hate being expired so please don’t ask my age because for your info in Germany that’s an inappropriate question for women ever! Anyway I’m kind of do my thanks for IJaggys who finally let me blog-ing here, yeah this page made for finally you can talk with with me about everything, maybe about why I’m being so bitch back then or everything.

There are several reasons why I turned out to be kind of a bitch. One has to do with my dad, one has to do with my dad being an ass about what car to buy me when I turned 16. Dear Dad, everything’s your fault. Love, Me.

So yeah, I’m waiting your chats and talks  in here! 😉

Meet me on Twitter: @HCheonsa


Anyway are there any single Presidents out there?



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  1. Naura annisa says:

    Cheonsa!My name is NADF.You know who i am,if you don’t i’ll punch you dude

  2. Putri Brilliany says:

    hiya! one of your fans who always adore your ff here 😀

  3. lalanland says:

    hy ! suka suka sama cerita yang kamu publish, keep write yaa. and followback hehe

  4. Little Queen says:

    annyeong.. blogwalker here ~
    aku mau promote nih.. buat penulis fanfiction lover, blog kita masih mencari beberapa author..
    Kim Myungsoo Fanfiction blog perdana baru dibuka nih.. khususnya yang mau menjadi penulis disana atau pecinta Kim Myungsoo bisa buka link ini >> http://kimmyfanfiction.wordpress.com/
    satu lagi page BAPff2013 lagi cari banyak author ini linknya http://bapfanfict2013.wordpress.com/staff-recruitment/
    finally, maafkan saya untuk yang sudh terdaftar sbg author disalah satu blog yg aku sebutin
    btw makasih banyak sebelumnya 🙂 maaf nyepam *bow

  5. jin ara says:

    Annyong haseyoooo salam kenal 🙂 aku reader baru di sini.. aku nyasar ke sini karna banyak yg merekomendasikan ff di sini dan pas liat ternyata ff nya pernah aku baca yg lovely compleks di wordpress lain you know it so well 😀 aku suka sama cara penulisannya rapi dan menyenangkan.. aku mau minta izin buat baca ff nya yg lain buat ngubek ngubek di sini. O ya aku bingung manggil apa ? Aku 91lines panggil choensa oenni atau author kah ? Hehe terimakasi

  6. izanami says:

    hi! i’m a new reader here. ah, i really like your fanfiction! that’s so… yeah, you know la~ unpredictable! well, nice to know you

  7. AmeliaKyu says:

    Hi i’m amelia, cuma mau bilang, aku copy poster Playing god di poster ff aku, tapi bagian hurufnya doang, gpp kan? please!

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