*With my photographer behind the photoshoot*


This is me IJaggys the owner of Jupiter’s Moon and HCS even CJT lol I’m proudly to say I’m 17 and a collegian baby!

And I’m 96’s line working on my obsession to be Mrs. President, because I really am clearly match with this level of socialite. I was born a sassy kid, I was born a daddy’s lil rich girl, I was born a bitch, I was born a writer, I was born fucked. I don’t give a shit what the world thinks. But I was happy in my way.

I spend an unreasonable amount of time thinking about what my life theme song should be, and I want to write a children’s book. Did I make things weird? LOL Can everyone just stop freaking out and give me two minutes for finishing this random introduction? I need to collect my thoughts, and all my stuffy weird lame things from my brain, so I decided to open beckhamlovesbadda on May Morning 2011 with cookies and pop tarts things. I think it may sounds weird now?

dan kalo pada bingung kenapa namanya beckham loves badda karena aku gatau mesti ngasih titlle apa ==” yaa jadi dimaklum aja hahaha

i wonder now i should edit-ed this Page with my Boozers stuff but i had nothing to compares except this trashy words LOL

• What does IJaggys mean?

well username ini aku dapetnya ngasal banget dari gabungan kata I dan Jaggy’s. Jaggy itu artinya = Donghae dan IJaggys artinya adalah————aku jaggy-nya Donghae HAHAHAHA oke tahu ini cheesy banget tapi aku gabisa dapetin username yang lebih baik dari ini ><

• What does beckhamlovesbadda  mean?

inilah pertanyaan umat yang belom pernah terbahas tuntas, semuanya pada bingung dan rata rata mikirnya kalo aku penggemar david beckham, untung aja gadikira penggemarnya bambang pamungkas =.= berarti ntar jadinya pamungkaslovesbadda dong H4H4H4H4H4. Beckham adalah nama puppy dog Siwon yang di kasih Brian Joo his friend ke Siwon dan Badda adalah anjing milik donghae. beckhamlovesbadda= siwon cinta donghae = IJaggys dan Cheonsa cinta mereka berdua LOL. so its clear enough kalo beckhamlovesbadda adalah nama anjing kepunyaan Siwon dan Donghae. iya iya tau kalo gajelas dan norjik, tapi seengganya nama beckhamlovesbadda udah mulai pemes kaya cookies famous amous LOL

• Who’s my trully bias? 

Ex-orange Boy

There are plenty of fish in the sea but i’m looking for my Nemo. So, i’ll take Dory’s advice and just keep swimming.

 Who ruined my bias list?

• About Me

remember when i told you i have no rules in here? yeah thats true. akhir-akhir ini aku ketemu banyak banget FF yang “rasa aku” you know lah gaya tulisnya dan seperangkat hal-hal lainya aku sih oke-oke aja selama itu belom copy-paste atau plagiat karna aku gapernah musingin kalian dengan “do not” bla bla bla i love being inspired kok, tapi aku gasuka people copied me my writing style or HCS’s style clearly LOL kidding~! i’m not that master or that humbble :p

•About IJaggys

yes she made fun of those that weren’t like her, and yes she had no idea what she wanted out of life but she owned it. She never tried to be anything she wasn’t even if most people didn’t like who she was.
She’s spoiled rich and a total bitch.

she is me, IJaggys.

• What do I love?

I love myself.



roam up as you want pals

and thanks for flying with my wordpress LOL

comments are greatly appreciated as always 😀

greet me on NEW twitter @IJaggys


And for last, Instead of trying to be me, be yourself and fuck off.




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  1. Nympha says:


    putri, line 88….ga` nyangka umurmu semuda itu!! tapi tulisanmu mantap banget!
    aku ru baca yang unwished chil di sjff n meluncur ke sini via hape, baru baca yang an affair for forget…belum komen coz tadi pake hape, hehehe.

    ep-epmu oke2. 😀

    • IJaggys says:

      hey annyeong!!

      i’m so appreciated for your all comments on my blog 😀 thanks

      huahahaha iya aku masih muda dan aku baru terjun ke dunia ff baru baru ini makanya seneng bangeet baca komen komen kamuu >< keeep watching ya 🙂

  2. ifaloyshee says:

    haaaii, kaget ternyata kamu 96line ya? sama kaya aku, aku panggil sonia boleh? ^^
    aku sukaa gaya tulisan fanfic kamu, kalo di sjff juga ff yg pertama aku cari ffnya kamu lhooo *ngaku*

    and then… okedeh, salam kenal yaa 🙂
    annyeong n.n

    • IJaggys says:

      haaai iya aku adalah 96’s line yang terjebak di kelas 2 SMA LOL >< boleeh kita kan seumuran aku malah lebih seneng kalo manggilnya sonia bukan chingu (?)

      makasiiih banget loooh padahal aku barus serius nulis ff akhir akhir ini keep watching my ff yaa if you [still] want^^

      salam kenal juga ifa rite? 😀

  3. wuaa 96’s line? ff mu mantep ^^
    sonia? kalo aku sonya #gaknanya
    hehhe ^^
    salam kenal 🙂

  4. ujie_siefries says:

    96 seumran am adq dong,,
    lam knal aq line92,
    g nygka usia msih mda bgt tpi bhsa ffy bagus bgt,

  5. Lee yoo bin a.k.a vero says:

    anyeong… salam kenal….

    aku manggilnya onnie atau aggashi??? 97…..

    ffnya daebak….

  6. finny kim says:

    waa..kita seumur chingu
    mian bru mampir..
    kukasih 13 jempol deh for all your ff
    gaya tulisannya novel bnget and i like it^^
    I always waiting for your next project..

  7. whoops~ so u are younger than me?kekekeke~
    im 93’s line xD
    your fiction style is elder than your age! great! hahaaha
    much love from kyu for u! keep writing dear 😀

    • IJaggys says:

      yeah you’re old enough expired-lady HAHAHA /kicked/ then i’m forever youngest xP oh as if to say i’ll turn 15 yearsold soon on 13august!

      since you so bozeers in my blog, would you be kind enough to give me cutegift like decorated box of cupcakes or you making me one FF kekekekeke~

      much love for me if you accept that 😀

      • /sigh/ im not that old !-__-”
        im still 17 y.o just two years elder than you! haha
        decorated box of cupcakes?whatta hell kekekekeke~
        aaahh im so lack on making ff~ maybe i can make you a poster for ur ff hahaha~
        but i cant guarantee if that would be nice 😛
        how is it?haha

  8. shilla_park says:

    hey you little kid.. just check ur email tomorrow .. i have something for ya..
    not special.. just something n its a failure i guess… hahahha…

  9. IJaggys says:

    To old lady: my email?! To what’s my email address? I have lots hehehehehe AAAAAA I LOVE YOU FIRST old lady xD I lurking over your twitter for saying “thankyu” but I didn’t get it so what your twitter account? See you soon in my email reply tomorrow 😀

  10. IJaggys says:

    To old lady: I’ve following your acc is it me or do Mannequin looks like you? /killed hahahahaha I really need some manners-help from my daddy CSW :p

  11. shilla_park says:

    check ur email litlle kid.. :D..
    and dont laugh at me..

  12. Choicolate says:

    96’lines? haha, samaaa >.<
    aku suka gaya nulis kamu, campur-campur (?)

  13. hey annyeong. this is me, your brother complex’s watcher *dibakar
    tika or Shin Yoonji, 95lines. Lee Sungmin’s sexy bitch, but i’ll play it nice this time and transform into his aegyo princess, eventhough i know i don’t have any aegyo at all and all i’ve got is the fake one hahaha.
    ok i’ll follow ur twttr. @soniaPer right? mine is @heytikey. pls follow me back if you don’t mind ^^

    • IJaggys says:

      Hey bitcheeeeees, I keep asking myself why people being so proud to confessed as a btch in here. Am I look like the master of bitch? LOL :p

      You don’t have any aegyo oh anyway you might be my Junior since now I’m in 11 grade /proud of pride/

      Okeee since you’re confessed as a bitch then I really love the bitches I’ll follow you back just wait my followback 😀

      • hellooow na ddo in 11th grade, babe so we are at the same level HAHA *proud smile
        hmm yeah i don’t have a natural aegyo but i could make the fake one btw. and that stupid Lee Sungmin trusts me very much eventhough i created a big lie in front of his nose *divorced

      • IJaggys says:

        OH DUMMY ME! I think you’re 96’s line so I can tease you with my grade =A=

        Your fake one its like Gucci clutch from Mangga Dua HAHAHAHA super kawaaaaai~ LOL LOL can’t stop laughing

        That stupid? Ppl know who’s more stupid than him its you /makeanewwar/ LOL :p

  14. hahaha well now CALL ME SUNBAENIM or i will go to your nemo and ask him if he wants to date me. so i can hang his photo on my “collection” wall *slapped

    yeah~ mangga dua is not bad anyway. the cheaper the better HAHAHA xD but i prefer ddongdaemun so that i can go with my minnie

    yeah i can accept it, we can be a stupid couple. and i will throw your nemo and sell him in pasar minggu. fresh from the sea. people will love it

    • IJaggys says:

      …………WE ARE IN THE SAME GRADE AND I’M NOT YOUR JUNIOR bwahahahahahahahahahhaha did you think I’ll let you that easy? Let see how I grab sungmin sexy waist with his HAWT tattoo in the back 😉

      See? Who’s truly faker than monopoly Money now? Once again…..ITS YOU BWAHAHAHAHA you know more than MangDu’s do LOL

      what did u say?! PASAR MINGGU OMG?!!!!! Bau amis,becek, ga elit, and my Nemo will be the new dweller?! I absolutely will throw your Pumpkin into trashy orange truck in sunday 8)

  15. YES BUT ACTUALLY I’M OLDER THAN YOU EVENTHOUGH NOW I’M STILL FIFTEEN yeah just wait and see lah… i’ll be 16 and you will stuck there, with taylor swift.

    HAHAHAHA okay than i admit that i’m a big faker bitch with no aegyo. but i will marry a reach man so it’s ok ^^

    yeah… Donghae will love it if i sell him there… he is from mokpo anyway. he already used to that kind of situation xDDD but i’m afraid nobody will buy that singing fish. he looks poisonous.

    • IJaggys says:

      Why must Taylor Swift? Why not Selena Gomez or Miley or Ashley bitch I’m not Disney lovers, I’m ABS lovers LOL xD

      Reach man is the only one why I live my life now I really need reach man like Siwon or money bankers $.$

      Mokpo isn’t that bad as PASAR MINGGU hella pasar minggu is the crowded one I’m not willing up my Lovely cutely Nemo to be a new dweller in there /hugsmyNemo/

      Your last words really invite me to a new war, where’s the poisonous things FROM THAT DASHING FACE! You’ll be so dead buddy!

  16. HAHAHA Because she sings fifteen. i thought you know it. well now i know that i’m not good at joking LOL

    HAHAHAHA WE ARE JUST THE SAME, bitch! maybe i’ll marry siwon and take away all of his money. after that i’ll go to Sungmin and marry him. but i think maybe there’s no need to do that. that pumpkin has a lot of money xDD

    yeah. he is quite poisonus when he talk. you know… prince diseases. maybe i’ll cheat on Sungmin if i’m not “kuat iman” *start a fire

    • IJaggys says:

      Really? I thought its “back to december” I’m not swifters however I love some her songs hahahahaha

      So my future plans its about robbery some bankers with my LDH then live happily ever after in Mokpo. Open the fish’s store having a two kids then blablablabla (?) #hayalansiang

      Stop talking about him. I can’t breathe out nicely when think about his prince diseases effect /breathout

  17. ok i forgot you are an elfish. not a swifty HAHAHA i quite like her golden hair. looks just exactly like my golden retriever’s HAHAHA

    hey, you are genius i think. robbery is not that bad. maybe i’ll rob nazaruddin or gayus tambunan, take away all their money than live happily with my sungmin in banjar ciamis or tasik malaya, where no one can notice him as a pop idol

    if you want me to stop talking about his prince desease, then i’ll continue talk abaut my mini fanfiction, where he ends up being sell at pasar minggu *SLAP

    • IJaggys says:

      I’m not an elfish I’m an “pecinta ikan malam” hahahahahahahahaha can’t stop laughing the good gold blonde’s swift hair become your unless Retriever. You’re so dorky LOL

      You know it well that I’m sooo super genius then why still mentioned it? XD nazarudddin? Go ahead to Bakrie land why so half beib? We had many things to do so gayus and nazarudin are not enough to us’s life hahahahaha

      You’re so trashy, I’m surprised the garbage man doesn’t try to pick you up and put you into his truck!

  18. audereyee says:

    annyeong ~ saerin imnida ^^ same like me 96liners & hae’s wife but kyu’s dongsaeng ^^ . Like your fanfic 🙂 , so keep writing bitch ~

    • IJaggys says:

      hell-o ^^

      ……people being so proud to call me bitch lately, why on earth my bitchy manners become so stronger and fun to everyone /cries LOL

      what—-hae’s wife? got it. did you know this owner’s place belong to delusional bitchy fishy? you’ll be so dead dude hahahahahaha LOL just kidding i love bitchy around in here :p

  19. omgomg~ bonjour! am a new reader here! ^^ love ur ffs damn-much! keep writing!
    ah i was so excited when i saw the hot war above kkk 😀
    and just decided to join you me natasha or vexe or whatever, i’m a 96lines like you.. err may i call you sonia? yeah i should admit that you are my sunbae since you are in 2nd year of senior high -_- pls beware~ another wife of Donghae is coming (read: me) -^^-v *throwing oils to the fire* and i should confess that, Eunhyuk is my boyfriend, kibum’s ex + jungsoo’s dongsaeng :p i think i am a bitch as well as you do.. well let’s be a good frienemy, cheers~! *throwing confetti*

    • IJaggys says:

      anyyeong hell-o^^

      thankyu for loving my blah fanfic hahahahahaha see? i think i dont have any image to maintain anymore in here ==”

      you can call me sonia of course or sunbae as your senior HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA finally i can tease someone again with my grade /does a bitchy dances/

      another wife of Donghae? you mean the housmaids? LOL you know you throwed the oil to the Queen of straight up a bitch :p

      oh dearie i dont need your past-suck-diaries about your ex was but LOL i’m so happy you wrote that in here, suck yeah /killed/

      …………..i keep asking on my mind why everyday people more proud being officialy bitch in here. i think i should re-named this page to “Behind the Queen of straight up a bitch” or should i make a new page tittled “The New Bitches♥ confirm here!” LOL

      yeah everybody is my frienemy /stares over all hot war in above/ =A=

      • lol sunbae~ every ELFish surely declare themselves as Queen Fish i think, like me, you, and audereyee :p well no need to argue about it, i know we won’t have an end for it~ since i already knew from the start that i have one husband who have thousands… ah or even billions (?) bitches around him and called themselves as his wife. LOL oh well i wonder why i am proud to myself while saying ‘ima bitch’ -_- and who knows.. whatsoever with frienemy, i wanna ask ur twitter acc anyway(?) and after that do you mind to folback? *kicked*

      • IJaggys says:

        uuh sounds weird and i hate being old so stop calling me sunbae =A= then start calling me Aggashi~

        whatsoever about the argue’s thing too tired for it /stares all conv in this page/

        because you just entered the Queen of Bitch territory LOL

        …………in the end all ppl ended up with asking my acc. sure on @soniaPer just mention me or just saying hey or just telling me that you’re exist :p i’m not following unknown acc hehehehehehe

  20. ahaha see? typical~ really hate it when ppl think that i am younger/older than my real age -_- nah, sonia-ssi is better~

    hahaha knew that already, so that’s why i didn’t touch that ‘argue’ thing ^^v

    ah-ha perhaps~ or maybe i already used to it.. since i have a friend who always says that she is the next Victoria Secret Angel. and so blablabla she even made a Bitch Kingdom in my school.. and she declared herself as the Queen *ohkay stop–“*

    got it~! ah btw have you ever like the other boyband aside from SJ?

    • IJaggys says:

      lol yeah sonia-ssi~ is waaaaaaaaaay better.

      if you had a friend like that, first you should lurking over her body, are she have the “S” line like Adriana Lima or Audrey Patridge. if she don’t just tell her to shut up and sit back around her ugly-dead-creepy face uuuh isn’t that rude? hahahahahaha

      i think i love the “blablablabla” things they give me more spaces to let me dorky-ing all the times LOL if ppl can be Queen bee then why you can’t?

      aaaah are you trying to chat with me? /slapped/ hahahahahahaha i think ilove beast and bigbang but not so sure because i addicted to those dashing boys :p then you?

  21. ah i’m getting used to this :p pls teach me to speak/write english well ;u; need to practice moreeeee >:x

    lol nope i think she’s pretty already and don’t know why she really2 wannabe a vic-angels :/ well even her favourite ish a leopard printed bra/bikini -_- everything in leopard pattern~

    ahahaha maybe? i’m just way too curious about my surroundings~ since you are one of my kind, LDH-biased ._. i wonder what kind of other boyband you like. ah i see. almost the same as mine 😮 and i’m kinda into B1A4 lately~ any fav girlgroup(s)?

    • IJaggys says:

      Who? You? Need more practice? Dude you’re already more better than a kid who still spelling A-P-P-L-E slowly hahahahahaha LOL

      Just tell her to stop watching E! And Star World for a while then the last words is “get a life!” Hahahahahaha in my eyes leopard things Is so rawwwwrrrr and its so over-2010-dude -_- I prefer pale’s things now because Lagerfeld has already mentioned that style 8))))

      I like Dongwoon from beast then Minwoo from boyfriend Taeyang and TOP from bigbang uhhm what else can I mentions Demon and Chuck Bass here u,u /forevertvdrama/

      Absolutely right to KARA! /buttdances/ ƪ(ˇ,ˇ)¬

      • i knew~but still my grammar is just.. way too sucks >< so pls just ignore my grammatical mistakes ._.v

        lol agreed~ i love printed leopard thingy actually~ so does she :3 leopard thingy will make the person who has them looked sexy somehow :p ah is that a branded thing? @_@ sorry but i'm kinda blind about branded fashion thingy~ not really a big fan of them but still in my eyes those things looked gorgeous!

        umm for me i think.. gikwang from b2st, jotwins + minwoo boyfriend, seungri bigbang, khun, taec, junho 2pm? who else..? ahh too many to be mentioned :/ oh are they Gossip Girls's casts? for western tv drama i think i like glee 😀 and so far haven't watch any kind of western drama lately..

        wohoo~ kinda love kara as well but still prefer SNSD somehow~ even when sometimes i feel like i wanna bite them -_-v

    • IJaggys says:

      hahahahaha its okey i’m so cool with it><

      you're like kind of soulmate or thingy besties wih her? yes i agree but leorpard things is so kind of out-in-the-freezers LOL but somehow ppl have a different loves things like you and your best :p

      yes Lagerfeld is founder of Gucci's brands and yes i'm a big fans of those branded things and western lifestyle hahaha go on to stripped any Leorpard in the Zoo #cheesyme xD

      yes one from Gosiip Girl and one from The Vampire Diaries <3333 ah i like glee too!! count down to Glee season 3 now! hahaha 😀

      yeah you're right sometimes in something cases i wanna bite them-_-

      • glad to hear that >< since i'm not that confident with my english skill. and tmrw i have english midyear exam -A- well even it's only past simple & continuous, but why i'm still mistaken it *grumbling

        lol well she's one of my besties ^^a ah-ha maybe~ i think i don't really have a nice sense about fashion (?) except if i suddenly get hundreds or thousands of fashion pieces ~ *ngarep
        lol sure go ahead :p don't forget the crocodile and the snakes, and should i try zebra too? XD

        aww too bad my cable tv was just cut-off~ so i didn't even watch the glee project T_T even when ppl were shouting like crazy about who is it? cameron?

        *cheers*~ yea in some cases they are really kind abit of irritating? *slapped
        ah btw where in the world are you in? 😀

      • IJaggys says:

        hahahahaha simple continious? well i think the tenses which is make us sucks because in the real life like this conversation as a friend who cares about our tenses is it past,present,perfect or else? right LOL goodluck anyway to your mid \m/

        who doesn’t beib? everybody does. loves those branded things moreover if its FREE WOHOO like swimming in the bankers of Donal Trump LOL :p

        poor you ;_____________; hahahaha but i’m not watching the Glee projec well too busy for it hehehe /ignores those shouted/

        they’re annoying but sometimes i think they’re cute LOL hahahahaha i used to be safer anyway as my hates for Jessica-Junk but now not again. i’m too cool for that useless case B-)

  22. yaaay thanKYU anyway~ :3 well still 2 days left to go -w-
    can’t wait to breath out~ >A<

    lol yep who can resist freebies~ esp. when it comes to branded thingy~ gucci prada chanel louis vuitton zara coach or whatever~ i will accept them without hesitating kk XD

    yeah but as long as i still have the internet connection then there will be no worries for meh :p

    yayaya! agreed with u! i'm not a safer instead i'm quite a fan of them but still when it comes to attitude, sometimes i still feel like wanna bite them~ i adore their bodies tho :/
    too cool ! ;D

    • IJaggys says:

      hahahahaha goodluck to you! 😀

      then you should focus to your mid exam, forget about ZARA things, SNSD things and Glee things LOL

      just let it flow they are cute anyway :3

      • yep thankyou so much !! you cheered me up ! hee ^^

        yah should focus to my exams more than those things LOL even if i can’t really do it that well :p

        yep should agreee~ they’re cute ^^

  23. whaaaaaaattttt??? kau 96-line
    OH GOD!!
    penulisanmu bagus banget
    ah sampe lupa perkenalan, hallo namaku icha 91-line
    kamu hobby desain yah?? hebat bangeeettt
    ngomong2 kupikir udah kuliah malah lagi nyusun skripsi habis aku baca ttg paper gitu hahhaaa
    salam kenal 🙂

    • IJaggys says:

      yes i am^^

      makasih sweet deh komen kamu bikin aku senyam senyum sendiri :3

      hell-o icha i’ll call you expired lady because you’re over 15 LOL :p

      yaps aku hobi banget sama sesuatu yang berbau design terutama design interior wishing soon to be 😀

      ahahahahaha aku masih kelas 2 sma kok kalo paper emang sekolah ak hobi pake paper sama sketmap

      salam kenal jugaaa 🙂

  24. ichadonghaejinki says:

    Hahahaaa senyam-senyum kenapa? Bahasaku ada yang aneh yah maaf yah hehehee

    Don’t call me lady, i’m still 14 yrs old *LOL* ah~ i’m kid

    waw hebat yah udah punya cita2 dan kamu udah mengerti di bdg itu, kebalikan aku dulu wkt sma blm pny cita2 yg pasti akhrnya kuliah pun ambil yang peminatnya banyak aja hahaha

    Iyaaa skg sih skl udah keren pake paper kdg2 kuliahku aja msh kalah

    Oh iya kamu donghae bias yah? Aku juga 🙂 usernameku biarpun ada jinki itu krn buatnya asal hihii

    • IJaggys says:

      gatau ahahahahahaha i love compliments and always do>< hahaha

      yes you're kid from your parents LOL hahahahaha

      sebenernya sih aku dari dulu suka design interior malah sebenernya ff lovely complex muncul karena kegilaan aku sama design interior you know its transform from -picture-idea-imagine-ff- LOL hahahahaha tapi aku juga gatau kuliahnya mau ngambil apa #eh just let it flow 😀

      iyaaaa aku juga donghae bias hehehehehe kadang-kadang aku juga sering kok buat username ngasal gitu =o= hahaha

  25. ichadonghaejinki says:

    hmmm… yeah you’re right i’m still kid from my parents hahhaaa *random*

    sebenernya aku ngga kebayang loh design interior di ffmu kayak apa untung aja kamu ngepost foto2nya kayak apa kalo ngga yah pake khayalanku sendiri sambil palingan buka2 google biar ngayalnya ngga kemana-mana hahahaa

    oh iya namamu sonia kan? can i call lo sonia or do you have nickname?

    • ichadonghaejinki says:

      lmao *typo* i mean can a call you sonia?

      • IJaggys says:

        hahahahaha i love random things.

        yes aku juga mikirnya gitu biarpun aku udah deskripsiin ampe detail banget pasti hayalanya beda beda makanya aku buat side storynya tentang rumah-rumah mereka hehehehe yaampun kamu ampe ke google><

        ah yes you can call me sonia or aggashi~ LOL :p

  26. ichadonghaejinki says:

    Soalnya aku krg ngerti ttg interior jd biar keren dikit khayalannya hahaha kalo blh di blg khayalanku malah ngga setinggi di side storymu loh, aku baru tau stp org punya jet pribadi kupikir cuma leeteuk aja
    Oh iya kamu buat aftr story-nya ngga?

    Hmm… that’s good idea, i’ll call you sonia agasshi LMAO

    • IJaggys says:

      huahahahahaha tapi kayanya emang side story aku yang ketinggian :p iya tadinya aku mau buat satu keluarga aja tapi gaenak makaanya mereka aku kasih jet satu satu hahaha xD

      afstornya? huahahaha aku belom ada ide banget nih bener-bener mentok any idea?

      ahahahaha thankyuuu :3

  27. hyukbumnik says:

    ketemu lagi sonson… 😀
    guru aku sonya deng bukan sonia hoho
    bahasa inggris anak jaman sekarang bagus bagus yaaa.. #tepuktanganbarengeunhae *kebiasa.bahasa.daerah *anak.daerah /plak haha

    • IJaggys says:

      ketemu lagi sama kamu si expired :3

      nama kamu siapa sih beib? dari dulu aku maunya punya nama Sonya bukan Sonia /cries hard/

      iya ya bagus bagus /plak >< kamu sih anak dusun /dibakar kamu/ peace ah beib^^v

  28. hyukbumnik says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaah kurang asem dirimu.. gw belum expired woy! *nyalainareng *panggangdonghae *tendangsonson
    kita cuma beda 3 tahun tau! lebih expired si jungsoo noh -_-

    • IJaggys says:

      Umur kamu 18 tahun dong ya? Bener-bener sesuatu abis kamu tuh udah tua *panggang monnyet* bwahahahahahahaha ih dia sih udah uzur bukan tua /digiles jungsoo/ wkwkwkwkw

  29. hyukbumnik says:

    baru tau aku ada yg suka manggang monyet, manggang ikan sh enak, wanginya juga menggoda.. nah ini monyet. ? 0.o
    iyaaaaaaps aku 18.. sedikit menuju dewasa.. haha setidaknya cukuplah untuk baca ff nc 17 /plakk
    aigoo aigoo.. durhaka dirimu sama jungsoo.. #eluselusjungsoo

    • IJaggys says:

      Enak-enak aja sih kalo monyetnya monyet eunhyuk /yadongers :3 huahahahahahaha

      Tua kamu!! Wkwkwkwkw

      Gila aku 2 taun lagi kalo mau baca nc (?)

      Sini sini jungsooo aku peluk ({})

  30. nadyastringers says:

    annyeong, i’m sorry for being late comment in here and this is my first comment anyway,,kekekk
    because i always read from hp,and can’t comment as well..

    let me introduce myself,
    emh, i’m nadya, 97’s line.. so, can i call you onnie? wkwk
    oke, i think i’m pure original so i don’t want to join the bitch words in this wp, but really i love your words onnie better than sesuatu-nya syahrini, hohoho
    bitch words and voldemort.. wew, so beautiful.. hahaha #slap

    • IJaggys says:

      hello better late than never 🙂

      uhm i hate being old as your as your onnie expectation to me LOL but i love if someone call me aggashi . Just Kidding ! you know i love playing around in here hahahahahaha you can call me whatever you like

      and for the bitch words, i regret nothing hahahaha. nevermind if you dont want to join my bitches club LOL and thankyu for your all compliments

      lets see how Voldemort&Bitches will entertaining you 😀

  31. allwantcandy says:

    Hello there! well i walk around and found your beautiful story here, Cool!!
    ok, little intro, my name Chiara, just call me Chi, 95’s line
    well, just love the way you writing, and actually i love writing too!
    keep writing!

    ps: too many bitch here, can i join? LOL

    • IJaggys says:


      well i really appreciated you visited my blog hahahaha okey Chi but you don’t ask me to calling you Onnie right? we might be at the same grade now #skip oh yes i just visited your blog but i can’t see your ff there. i hate walking back but your username kinda cute, making me want to know you more>< hahaha!

      p.s: of course you can join to this Kingdom straight up of a bitch LOL

      • allwantcandy says:

        LOL it’s okay, this year i already finish my High School session and maybe i already forget about School! but you have to know that my institute are -hell-looked-alike- #skip
        well, this is my new blog, thanks to my brain for deleting the data about the password LOL and maybe after a while i will post some ff there

        ps: it’s pleased to know more bitch! LOL

      • IJaggys says:

        Oh don’t say that you’re 16’s kid who have finished highschool this year! I want it toooooooo but poor me I have a doggy-brain LOL tell me more about your school’s life. I always wanted to be aksel’s girl eventough I’ve been aged for 11 grade in my 15yearsold LOL xD

        P.s: welcome to the bitches world hahahaha LOL

  32. allwantcandy says:

    LOL yeah, not a special thing i guess LOL
    well i just finished my school at Riau, but~ i have an acceleration in elementary school long long ago at Banjarmasin LOL, oh dear i have a doggy-brain too, but I’m the lucky one! LOL
    why don’t you try it, but you wanna lose your High School’s sweet memory #likewhatmymomsaid #skip LOL

    p.s: my mom told me to become a good bitch at all LOL

    • IJaggys says:

      Oh so you its the outsiders? LOL hahahahahahahaha I’m not trying to push myself at the doggy-hell and how much I enjoyed my higschool’s life suck now :p

      P.s: then you know its the best place to letting your bitch attitude more cook until boiled maybe hahahahahaa JK~

  33. allwantcandy says:

    you can say that, but this year after a bad tragedy i came back to Surabaya, LOL
    well, enjoy your hell then LOL
    anyway, where do you come from? and what should i call you?

    p.s: until boiled? too fast~ get burnt? LOL

    • IJaggys says:

      What tragedy? Hahaha I’m from jakarta you can call me sonia or whatever you like LOL

      P.s: I enjoyed how ppl being bitch around me dearie~ HAHAHA LOL JK~

      • allwantcandy says:

        well, my dear father already passed away at pekanbaru 1 week after i have final exam (UAN) and then my mom want that, he buried at surabaya, soo i have to go back and now i live in surabaya~ LOL
        okay sonia nice to know you~! LOL
        anyway i love your lovely complex, one of the best story i ever read! Good job!

        p.s: they want to become a bitch because you are the mother of bitch~! LOL kidding dear!

      • IJaggys says:

        Oh I’m sorry to heard that I hope you okey now 😀 I’ve been to surabaya but just one night because my Dad out of sudden have another trip business and we take Citilink’s flight LOL~

        Pleased to know you too Chi~ hahahaha thankyou for liked that story anyway I waiting to read your ff in your blog, tell me when you done post it 😉

        P.s: hahahahaha I love being bitch no need to worry about bitches’s things with me LOL

  34. allwantcandy says:

    it’s okay now LOL, oh c’mon visit me! LOL too many things that you should try at surabaya LOL #promosi

    okay, i will, but don’t blame me if LDH will appear there and have a love with my chara~! LOL

    p.s: okay then the master of bitches~! LOL

    • IJaggys says:

      Uhm I’ve visited walisongo, is it right? Hahahaha okey I’ll visit surabaya next time I love their snack anyway xD

      Oh firecrackers! Are you LDH biased? Hahahaha well if I should shared my LDH with you nevermind because I like your talking style LOL

      P.s: okey we should stop talking about my bitches here hahahaha

  35. allwantcandy says:

    walisongo? do you mean Ampel?? well i don’t really understand about surabaya too LOL, The same here! just 4 month here and my weight already get a plus plus #skip

    well i LHJ biased and have an affair with LDH LOL LOL thanks 😀

    p.s: LOL wanna talk about my bitches? LOL okay stop~!

    • IJaggys says:

      Ahahahahahahaha yes maybe I don’t really noticed about the temple was LOL this monster-cookies is really arrrrgggghhh

      Oh thanks god I don’t need share my LDH just keep stay with your LHJ didn’t that monkey is cute and adorable? LOL xD

      P.s: if you wanna share your bitches hahaha

  36. allwantcandy says:

    LOL so do i, you know surabaya are too big to remember LOL
    i prefer call them cute cookies LOL they are too gorgeous to resist LOL

    well my monkey can give me food when we already hungry or he can give me money from his banana LOL, he too cute to resist LOL

    p.s: actually they are too young to called as bitch LOL

    • IJaggys says:

      Yes because surabaya is a big city like jakarta hahahaha if you remember your weight 😉

      Hahahaha oh once again thanks god because you seem really love this kind of monkey xD wish you luck for whatever’s up with you&Monkey and stop affaring my fishy LOL

      P.s: too young who is he/she? LOL

  37. allwantcandy says:

    LOL i prefer to live in small city like pekanbaru LOL yes you right sonia, sometimes i forget about my jeans and falling in love with this lil cute cookies LOL

    he’s mine and only, but i don’t really straight up to him LOL your fish kinda cute too LOL
    or maybe our angel was single? LOL

    whatta bitch! LOL

    p.s: in my department too many gay, or guy with gay face LOL and some of the girl are nearly bitch too LOL

    • IJaggys says:

      Isn’t big city is nice? Like you can find everything you want but about the jeans you regret nothing LOL

      My fish isn’t that cute he’s a King of scandal I hate him hahahahaha and I notice there’s a boy with evil-smirk and half-cold-heartedly man hahahaha you know who is he right 😉

      P.s: department? You started working or what? Ah tell me more about your life? XD

  38. allwantcandy says:

    LOL you right the big city just like a toserba that everyone loves LOL LOL i regret about my weight LOL

    who? CKH? LOL he have to show a good smile and a warm heart in front of you! LOL don’t tell me that he is your affair partner LOL LOL

    p.s: i call my jurusan as a department LOL nothing special sonia, i don’t even know how to life ‘out of the box’ LOL and my seniors really sucks LOL

    • IJaggys says:

      Hahahahahahahaha but the jeans I think wrangler still have a big size-stock for us LOL after we have some tripping over in candy&cookies :p

      Yes that smile goes to CKH oh suggarpoof! I can’t handle my self to not make an affair with this boy like you with LDH hahaha

      P.s: ahhhhh I’m curious about your department. Where’s your college? Hahaha

  39. allwantcandy says:

    LOL i guess so LOL btw your last story seems to be a tragic story? what’s happen? LOL

    LOL so we are the same! LOL in a relationship, an affair needed to make the story more and more colorful LOL

    p.s: ITS Institut Tekhnologi Surabaya LOL

    • IJaggys says:

      You mean Naomi? Hahahaha I don’t know when I wrote it I’m in the middle of frustrated about my mid-exam hahaha didn’t I done it “well done”? LOL

      Hahahahaha! Yes! Remember Boys like girls song “Two is better than one”? I guess that’s our soundtrack in a relationship LOL :p

      P.s: what the hell are you! You do it great! Awesome Chi~ xD why don’t you lend your brain to me for a second? Hahaha

  40. allwantcandy says:

    LOL Well done if you put more stressing at your boys LOL you did it very well LOL

    LOL LOL but i prefer 3 than 2 #greedy LOL

    p.s: LOL but the best things are i studied at faculty of science and majority at Biology LOL no way i lend you my brain, this brain have to many secrets LOL

    • IJaggys says:

      thank you thank you thank you i all compliments><

      you greedy hahahaha but i like that waaaay 🙂

      p.s: i have no words to undertstand why you had a doggy-brain like hell hahahaha anyway i don't need your secret i just need your brain for helping me in the next exam in early december LOL

  41. allwantcandy says:

    your welcome LOL keep your good work, I’m looking forward your another story LOL

    LOL being greedy for boys = acceptable LOL

    p.s: LOL i still got the lucky number LOL and then… how about my final exam? well i used to give you the lucky number too LOL

    • IJaggys says:

      then i’m looking foward for your story too, since talking with you is pretty interesting hahaha

      you’re not acceptable hahahaha just stay in peace with our “cheated” LOL

      p.s: i do have a lucky number too, me is 13. i was born in that number hahahaha then whats your lucky number? :p

  42. allwantcandy says:

    LOL the way i talking with the way i wrote a story sometimes totally different LOL because my long lost failure LOL

    so in conclusion, cheated are acceptable? LOL

    p.s: 13 and 15 LOL the same 13 LOL LOL

    • IJaggys says:

      i see you’re failure girl but in the fact besides i love the bitches i also love fail’s kid too hahahaha because me too LOL

      yes the cheated on is more acceptable than adoring from silent hahahaha

      p.s: why you choose 13&15?

  43. allwantcandy says:

    LOL blame to my bitch status after this LOL the same? LOL

    LOL LOL adoring from silent means you nothing to him LOL kidding~! LOL

    p.s: i love that number and one more, 4~! LOL

    • IJaggys says:

      Who else puts “LOL” or “LMAO” or “ROFL” knowing good damn well your sitting there with a straight face… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      p.s: too many number that you choose and its not an option JK~

  44. allwantcandy says:

    LOL i love to LOL-ing without reason LOL am i insane ? LOL LOL

    p.s: i love to make more option depends on the option at F**king UAN LOL

  45. allwantcandy says:

    well stop talking about my problem at LOL-ing, i already finish a ff but i don’t know how to publish it LOL

    p.s: Yeah, and i love the fact that i already finished that bullshit thing! LOL

  46. allwantcandy says:

    No, i mean i start to thinking to publish it first at a blog that share many ff, but i don’t know where! LOL

    or i should publish it first at my blog? LOL Galau~ LOL

    • IJaggys says:

      Uhm you can share it in sjff hahahahahaha but its up to you if you decide to post it in your blog for the first time hahahahaha I’ll comment it everywhere you post it 😀

  47. allwantcandy says:

    The major problem is this fict belongs to U-Kiss LOL! i hate my plot bunnies LOL
    okay i’ll post it later after i finished my journal LOL

  48. allwantcandy says:

    LOL thanks sonia LOL, yeah i hate my journal, this is what will you have if you in the first semester and you have a practicum LOL

  49. allwantcandy says:

    LOL you right LOL you still have a time LOL!
    you plan to choose design interior? LOL hope next year i pass that too LOL

    • IJaggys says:

      Stop LOL-ing that words kinda affect me hahahahaha yes I’ll choose design interior if I graduated from highschool one a half year later hahaha :p yes passed you to be a sneaky scientist :p

  50. allwantcandy says:

    okay i stop :X well next year i have a plan to take SNMPTN again and take design interior and medical i love to draw anything and love science too hahaha I’m greedy did i? :]

    • IJaggys says:

      You greedy you blocking space us for SNMPTN hahahaha and yet I think its hard to handle two difficult things at the same. whether you passed it or not in the two subjects, fuuh I feel like a Master now :p

  51. hhaii akuuu sering muncul ya *apaan* hehe khalidhia 96liner’sloh seumuran ya?
    tapi anee masih kelas X fufufu~ setelah membaca ff disini saya sangat apresiatif sama karakter cheonsa secara mirip sayaaa ahahah *idih gk ada yg nanya geh* haha akhir kata saya ucapkan annyeongi

    • IJaggys says:

      ahahahahaha finally i can tease someone again with my age /smile full of pride/ xD asperatif gimana? kinda worried mungkn aja kamu turned se-bitch adn voldemort Cheonsa hahahahahaha annyeong 😀

  52. chominsun says:

    wee i found another nice fella \m/ nice to meet you.

    i. do. really. love. your. fanfics :3

  53. fidhasoo says:

    Hello dear 🙂
    What should I call you? hehehe 😀
    Thank you so much for reading my fanfiction .
    Hari ini baru aja aku namatin FF The Truth Behind The reality. You can read on smtownfanfiction 🙂
    Sorry for very late reply your comment 🙂
    Nice to meet you ^^

    • IJaggys says:

      you can call me Sonia or whatever you like 🙂
      then i should call you just fidha right?
      REALLY?! key then after i finished my trip i’ll read the entire of chapters soon! xD
      nevermind, sweets.
      see you soon on smtownfanfiction 😀

  54. cyabeth says:

    annyeong thennia 94line beda 2 tahun ya sama kamu ^^
    boleh hasil berpetualang di sjff eh dengan susah payah *ga juga sih* dpt deh zcc blog pribadi km
    aku reader baru di sini jadi mohon bimbinganya yahh *lhooo?
    aku pertama kali baca angel and the demon
    exited banget sama ff kamu
    dan kaya nya bakal jadi reader tetap nih
    so,jangan kepusingan yah ngeliat aku ngocar-ngacir di sini #ga banget bhs nya
    oke, cukup sekian pidato panjang kali lebar saya
    -thennia ^^

    • IJaggys says:

      halooooooooo thenia first you’ve to know something that i never call someone Onnie i prefer to call everybody as “expired or old lady” as a nickname /stabs LOL :p

      makasih loh udah mau ber-explorer ff aku di sjff :”)
      pasti aku bimbing dengan penuh hati suka cita dan imaginatif *?*
      angel and the demon kan udah lumayan lama tuh ya hiks makasih udah mau excited /hugs you/
      aku malah seneng kok yang ngacir ngacir soalnya aku juga tipe tipe yang hobi ngacir wkwkwkw

      oke cukup sekian balasan pidato panjang kali lebar eyke
      -IJaggys n.n

  55. Nindirau says:

    hey IJaggys! still remember me? last year i’ve made you FF
    well, sorry for the sudden arrival in here. saya disini hanya ingin memperkenalkan diri sebagai salah satu Kyuhae shipper juga xD
    call me Nindi anyway, nice to meet you :3

    • IJaggys says:

      AW of course i do still remember you the one who wrote Dating Sucks for me ayyyyyyyyyyy :3
      i love out of sudden visiting anyway awwwwww kita sama sama die-hard-kyuhae shipper dong? xDDDD
      well you can call me sonia or whateveryou like Nindi speaking of which i still waiting your sequel until now hihihi pleased to know you too :3

  56. myntshaJ says:

    hai ^^ *udah* <

  57. myntshaJ says:

    oh, sucks-__- komenku kepotong -__- shafira 98lines. I’m younger then you ohoho. should I call you onnie?? or I must to call you ‘sonia’ like the other people?? hehe, intinya, aku suka tulisan kamu 🙂

  58. azaleatnsy says:

    helloooo sonia (would you mind if i call you this?)
    i was a sider on sjff until i found your ah-maze-ing blog and started to spam here.
    and yeah as expected it’s awesome, and that bitchy voldy just looks so perfectly matched with that dashing fish.
    well my name is tansya azalea, you can call me tansya if you like to
    and just the same like you imma 96 liner and hell, i trapped among those 11 graders too.
    well i love your writting style and now i’m goin to wandering around your page.

    • IJaggys says:

      hello of course you can call me whatever you like n.n
      aww so now you decided becoming a good reader here? sweets i like you hahaha
      well thankyou for liking this couple and i love the way you tell me about “expected awesome” here
      okey i admire your full name, beautiful flawless hahaha your name its just like a main character in some novel LOL
      where do you live Tansya? and hell? yeah i guess everybody sake me as a hell LOL waw how come you can beat me in graders?
      well thankyou so bunch of it for visiting my home. see you later! n.n

  59. azaleatnsy says:

    well so is it fine if i call you miss bitchy since cheonsa is that kinda hahahah LOL don’t put all the blame on me you told me to call you anything i want AHHAHA
    and yeah, this couple is kinda amazing, but something keeps lingering on my mind. it’s about your web’s name.
    does beckham really love badda? where did you got that kinda inspiration? LOL forgive the mindless me
    yeah my mom gave me that well i love reading novel to the bone but i have never seen that name as a main cast LOL
    i live in bandung anyways yeah about that grade i never really know how i can be a magnae in my class T__T
    ur welcome 🙂

    • IJaggys says:

      You know who I am tansya, the one who blessed with bitchy’s things hahaha its super okey I love bitchy stuffs as it.

      And yes, BWAHAHAHAHA you asking me something nonsense about my web’s name. Let me clear out of this when I made this web open I can’t think anyidea better than beckham who loves badda so much I think you understand what I mean between who’s “beckham” and who’s “badda” because at the point I love both of them LOL

      Bwahahaha maybe you haven’t found that Novel yet n.n

      ME TOO! I’m the most magnae as well in my class hahaha

  60. azaleatnsy says:

    `yeeah you have those bitchy stuffs covering you well so i take it as yes~
    aaah i know the connection between badda and this site but beckham? are you a football lover?
    well then i’m not really into football while all my budds are crazy over it. i just don’t get what’s so interesting about one round thing being claimed by 22 ppls? why don’t just they buy it for them one by one.
    yeah this far i haven’t found that kinda but well maybe someday stephenie or illana tan will write for me *kicked
    being the younger is cool anyways but sometimes it’s kinda sucks LOL i can use my age as an excuse if my teacher judge me about my grade

    • IJaggys says:

      Hahahahahahahaha okey I’m the owner all of bitchy stuffs here LOL are you molested or had some pickles-brain? Hahahahaha JK~

      Okey darling I’ll try to clear the rubble inside your head again. Beckham is Siwon’s puppy dog, he adopted Beckham last year. And I love Beckham so much not in term as David Beckham as you think before but as Siwon’s puppy Dog LOL LOL LOL

      So if we traveled back, we knew that I loves siwon&donghae so much then no wonder why I titled this blog as beckhamlovesbadda 🙂

      About football, I’m not football admirer. But my youngest bro do n.n he has so much reasons and things why “they don’t buy it for them one by one” I prefer to be shopping admirer instead of football lover hahhaha

      ……….Done you’re my new jackasshole from now on 🙂

      • azaleatnsy says:

        well as i said before i love bitchiness so congrats now you are one of my favorite author before manda chaejin and specialshin but i’ve never decided to spam there because i think they are not as bitchy as me hahaha but i found your page with it’s bitchiness coverings, i decided to blabs here muahaha
        ah, siwon’s forgotten puppy well… i see~ but idk maybe it’s just because imma jewels i think choco is much much more adorable. i can’t stand it’s small face with big eyes. well i can’t stand the sexy owner of him LOL
        what’s so cool about football? it takes time. better you stay up all night with your laptop on and traveling around GG hahaha well forget the mindless me~
        well you are my new miss prissy from now on 🙂

      • IJaggys says:

        i love you anyway i’m sorry i couldn’t bitching much in here i’m kinda busy with sjff’s stuffs but soon i’ll be back LOL n.n

  61. Veronicahyuk says:

    hei,, Ms. Lee…. I want to ask … Your twitter that ijaggys it huh? I already follow, but fear of being wrong … wkwk…

  62. 718hyunrin says:

    New readers~~
    Akhirnya nemu juga wp pribadinya IJaggys~~ harus ngubek-ngubek sjff dulu XD
    kekeke~ aku manggil apa nih? Ayu / Hyunrin imnida, 97 lines~~ Aggashi atau Eonnie atau Sunbaenim? XD

    • IJaggys says:

      welcomeeeeee sayaaaang^^

      asik asik asik wp ku dicari cari xDDDDD hahahaha don’t call me onnie! i hate being expired hahahaha well you can call me whatever you like :3 then i should call you?

      • 718hyunrin says:

        soalnya penasaran sama couple Donghae – Cheonsa ~~ 😀
        okay, i call you Aggashi~~ Because Cheonsa naughty naughty (?) apa aja boleh~ pokonya yang enak didengar aja, hoho (?) *sarap

      • IJaggys says:

        AW AGGASHI REALLY? FOR GUCCI’s SAKE?! Hahahahaha okey I know I’m overloaded but do thanks for calling me aggashi :3

        Sweets you hyunrin xoxo

  63. allwantcandy says:

    hey my Bitchy-sis LOL how are you? LOL

  64. allwantcandy says:

    LOL sorry but now, I’m in the middle of Long long Holiday~! LOL
    that’s why i love being a College student LOL

    aw, what happen to HCS? is She find a new little toy?
    or, she just too serious thinking about SES and LDH’s Blind date? LOL

    • IJaggys says:

      Ouch I got myself blinded when replied your comment yesterday, I think you another Tanya well hashing yes you have a long holiday until mid-feb right?

      Asdfghjkl please graduated me soon suck school /beg hard/ Huang LOL

  65. allwantcandy says:

    it’s okay LOL yes, you right LOL

    enjoy your time now LOL it’s only once in life LOL

  66. allwantcandy says:

    are you okay? it must be because of my LOL-ing Syndrome keke~

  67. allwantcandy says:

    Not really, actually that’s a gift for my dear friends, and she love Taemin, so i write it~

    i don’t really like my writing style at that fict, maybe because i just make that for a task to fulfill my senior’s order LOL

    btw, please comment about anything there~ (#promosi)

  68. allwantcandy says:

    sorry have a lil’ things to do

  69. kyungrainbee says:

    Annyeong ! Hell-o or bonjour !

    bee or chae kyung imnida, 93’s liner.
    Kyuhyun’s legal wife and official donghae’s dongsaeng!
    KyuHae shipper here*slap

    oh.. I love your blah fanfict anyway.
    Even i love Seoul much but i love your westren style especially on your writing!
    Xixixi ..

    I wanna leave some comment on your ff but i’m interesting to leave here first kkk..
    As introduction ..
    And i dunno to say what when i know you’re younger than me*kick* muahahaha.
    i have read some bicthy comments here..
    Do you open bicthy forum? If ya, can i follow it? *slap muahaha..

    Keep writing dongsaeng!

    • IJaggys says:

      hell-oooooooooo! buenos aires (?)

      well weolcome to my blog Kyuhyun’s wife i’m so appreciated you decided to appear in here n.n
      AWWWW then i got one kyuhae’s shipper again here

      oh..thankyou so much for liking my blah bitchy fanficts
      really? OMG THANKYOU SO MUCH! i really adores western style or everything’s up from there n.n

      yeah you’re a good reader you should introduce yourself in here so i can remember you hahaha
      well i’m the forever youngest and you’re already expired much LOL LOL LOL JK!

      yeah…..this page already filled with bunch of bitchy comments and i regret nothing HAHAHAHAHA
      not already but i’m seriously thinking for open Bitchy’s Page in here someday LOL until then you can follow that page.

      aw thankyou so much for supporting me expired lady!

  70. kyungrainbee says:

    KyuHae! They belong together than EunHae -that makes super show 4 being super porn 4-wkwk or KyuMin^^ xixixi..

    Me too~
    Western style like ‘this is my style, so i don’t care people says’ and i really adore that style one~

    Everything’s up there?
    Like what?
    I love London and France so bad~
    And new york’s style anyway ..
    London’s stuff and absolutly Las Vegas muahaha XD

    Casino, little gambling, root beer, hang up the phone, oh.. C’mon !
    Its looking as i bicthing my self muahaha XD

    Oh my G-dragon!
    This child!
    Hey! I’m telling you one.
    Even i’m almost nineteen but people see me like senior high school student becoz my cute and aegyo face*slap ..
    And anyway expired lady isn’t good for me.
    I think Fishy princess one best..
    Muahahaha XD

    Hahahahaha LOL!
    You know, you should open it early.. So i can spread my other bicthy comment~~
    Xiahahaha XD

    Welcome NY kids! Xixixi~
    *NY kids? What is that? Muahahaha XD

    • IJaggys says:

      there should be super porn star HAHAHHAHAHAHA

      yups you were right about that motto but me prefer “whatever people say i am that’s what i am not” n.n

      like gossips,lovelife, TVshow,fashion and everything
      well NY already captured my heart with hahaha

      i can’t gambling or rolling in Vegas but sure i love root beer or Martini hahahahaha once you get in here you can’t stop bitching yourself xDD

      NINETEEN?! for gucci’s sake i’ll get 16 this August and you’re already so expired&old for cute’s calling LOL LOL JK!
      whatever you like as cute nicks but i will keep calling you Expired Lady that’s a rule :p

      i’ll open that page if i’m bitchy enough for being this role hahaha

      NY kid?! LOL call me aggashi /JDEER

  71. kyungrainbee says:

    You absolutly right~
    Super Porn Star~
    Muahaha XD LOL

    We have similar motto^^

    Gossips, lovelife, movies, TVshow, that much interesting..

    You can’t gambling? I’m willing teach you later~

    Becoz i’m a Gambling Queen XD
    I’m like master of bitches~
    Root beer, martini, and especially wine..
    I love them~

    Yeah you absolutly RIGHT..
    I can’t take my self ..
    And i can’t stop bicthing myself even Edward Cullen give me reward for stoping it..
    Muahahaha XD

    Hey hey!
    Don’t scream my darn old~
    I hate being old..
    Expired lady? Ckck.. Its like i’ve been ninety-one than nineteen..
    Muahaha XD
    but i like that calling..

    You’ve been bitchy enough, besides you’re FIFTEEN..

    call you aggashi?
    Ok, but sometimes -everytimes- i’d love to call you NY kid~

    • IJaggys says:

      i’m sorry dude but to be honest i’m still rich enough for gambling LOL JK i’m bad at playing cards LOL
      have you tasted it? because i’m already tasted it for your info i’m really such a badass 15girl well i’m a hard smoker since i was sitted at second grade in Junior Highschool oh well i have to stop making me bad at front of bunch siders :p

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA its not totally nonsense about your bitching yourself in here with Edward Cullen who already fucked up with Bella Swan since Twilight’s Book LOL LOL LOL


      ninetyone? uhm let’s make a deal into a hundreds one hahahaha good then Expired Lady :p

      i’m 15 and got everything /bitches gonna be bitches/ xD

      okey i agree for NY kid calling n.n

      • kyungrainbee says:

        O.o honey..because i’m too rich so i wasted my money with gambling ..
        LOL~ wkwkwk

        Of course yaaa,
        I’ve tasted it since Junior High School.
        I tried drinking tuak first.
        -you know tuak is like soju in Korea-
        But then i addicted with..
        When i’m with my fams, i just drink rootbeer or tuak..
        My family has known that i’m a drinker like my father ..
        Muahahaha XD

        From all that i’ve taste, i fall in love with Chardonnay -white wine-, soju and Root Beer..

        Especially now i live alone away from my parents place..
        So, i can drink everytime i want hahahaha XD

        O.o you’re so bad little kid hahahaha XD
        Yeah, you should stop it.
        Smoking isn’t good for ya, even drinking too..
        Muahahaha XD

        But after i thought, Jacob was better than Edward, particulary with his-eight-pack-abs muahahaha XD
        It was very tempting~

        Hahahahaha XD
        A hundreds one?
        O o sorry baby, that number is too much for age..
        I’m nineteen and it never change although year change muahahaha XD

        Its good, when you’re 15 and you’ve found your bitches world hahahaha XD

        Hahahaha good girl~
        NY kid~

      • IJaggys says:

        like James Bond’s do keep playing a good work in gambling then 😉

        tuak? is that a term for traditional alcohol from somewhere? waw then you have a lots of support from your family about this bad habbit? hahaha i do, not living with my parents since junior highschool but however i still got too much warning about other bad things and i broke parents rules LOL.

        yeah i’ve tried to stop smoking but failed at 0% LOL i told ya i’m not a little good girl nor the good 15yearsold kid n.n i’m not into drinking but i more prefer Tobaco hahahaha

        aw me too i’m #teamjacob anyway and i hate Edward for stolen Bella from Jacob but its okey since Jacob will marry Bella’s daughter later in the end of Sequel hahahaha

        you’ve been always a hundreds one in my eyes no matter what you rejected that fact LOL hahahaha

        yes jealous already with me who have found my bitchy’s world at age 15 xD

        -NY Kid-

      • kyungrainbee says:

        James Bond?
        Hahahaha XD
        I think so muahaha Xd

        Eum.. You’re right~
        Tuak is traditional alcohol from Medan^^
        But tuak was popular too in Bandung.
        Ah.. Bandung.
        I’m so kinda homesick -___-

        Ahahaha that’s not a support..
        They just can’t ban me baby.
        Becoz i’m a stubborn person..

        Where do you live so?
        With your other family?

        Breaking parents rules is the best thing when we were younger, isn’t it?

        Hahahaha XD
        It means you can’t move from your bad habbit, rite?
        LOL XD

        I almost dead when i used that thing ..
        I’m allergic to cigarette smoke hahaha XD

        Bella’s daughter is most beautiful than Bella..
        And i really support Jacob with Renesmee!
        *JaMee’s shipper

        Okey okey however you say that i’ve been hundreds one but i stay young ever ..
        Muahaha XD

        Hahaha a little bit..
        I already found my bitches world when i’m seventeen although i began naughty when thirteen ..
        Xixixi ..

        ~Expired lady

      • IJaggys says:

        awww however you says i still call you the expired lady one LOL yeah Renesmee forever :p

  72. allwantcandy says:

    Hey there~!
    just come to ‘promosi’~
    my first chap already out lol~ 😀

  73. songjineul94 says:

    hay sonia salam kenal ya ^^
    jineul imnida , aku ga nyangka sama umur kamu loh -,-
    semua ff yang kmu buat bahasa nya bagus bnget jadi aku ga nyangka ternyta kmu muda bnget -,-
    aku 94 line’s
    pertama kali baca karya kamu tuh yang LOVELY COMPLEXS di blog suju2011 sumpah aku naksir bagus bnget ..
    trus cari blog kmu baru ketemu sekarang # nae paboyaa “

    okeee ~ dari pada bnyak cingcong salam kenal aja sekali lagi dari aku

    • IJaggys says:

      haaai sayang salam kenal balik thankyou for searching me that much i’m gladly say thankyou for the huge support n.n
      iya hehehe aku masih muda then i should call you jineul right away? makasssih hehehe udah naksir ff abal aku yang itu gapapa yang penting kamu udah mampir 🙂

      okeeeyh salam kenal balik lagi hahaha

  74. Ryeosa says:

    Waow! 96’line! That was younger than my small bro!
    N believed me, I just found out ur blog through my friend rec0mend…

    So qw new reader *padahal lum bc #slap me.
    Aniwei. Qw cuma mau kenalan, umur qt berpaut 10 thun *ah ikan nem0 patut buat qw aja, qw sama tahun. Lol.

    • IJaggys says:

      believe me i’m still eating skittles and a bunch of choco crunch and soy milk at the morning LOL oh my givenchy i wish i more older then hahahaha

      send my thanks for your friend who recomended you this blog okey? n.n

      its okey you already be my readers hahaha kamu tua! hahaha /lempar kamu ikan mokpo cebol/ :p

  75. evilkyung says:

    Hay! Stephanie here! ^^
    New reader *udah pernah baca tapi belum komen ^^v* #siap digampar pake apapun deh…
    Jangan marah ya Cheonsa-ssi, aku 98line… #jreng jreng *gak tau mau manggil apa* #slap me
    *kaya pamer umur ya… :/
    yang jelas, aku akan berusaha jadi reader yang baik…… ^^

    Warm greets

    • IJaggys says:

      ngga kok aku gasuka gampar orang sukanya malakin doang #ehsalah hahaha nevermind kok aku gapernah ribet sama siders hehehe

      *cheonsa melotot sadis* wkwkwkwkw panggil aku sonia aja atau ijaggys atau siapapun DON’T CALL ME ONNIE ugh girl i feel like being expired more than before /skip hahaha

      thankyouuu loh ditunggu kebaikanya sebagai readers /modus u,u

      warm regards,

  76. kyudee says:

    Kak~ gimana yaa caranya buat minta Pw? Thanks~

  77. uciperuzzi says:

    annyeong chingu~ (or aggashi? XD) Hehe
    oia sblm.a sya pengen perkenalan. Uci imnida, 95 lins (msh muda juga ya XD) dn sya orang yg suka trdampar d blog orang kkk~ #promosi
    Ak udh prnh bca ff km yg who am i d sjff tp blm smpt comment (mianhae *bow) dan 1 lg bangapseumnida 😀

    • IJaggys says:

      haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa of course i’ll go with Aggashi haha
      hehehe gapapa ko yang penting sekarag udah komen 😀
      salam kenal juga yaa n.n

  78. shaundsheeps says:

    DISURUH NYAMPAAAAHHHH…. ahahahaha… *sebarin sisik ikan*
    ngga usah kenalan lagi kan? udah kenal lah… diriku kan terkenal nyahahahahaha… *plak* *ngilang*

  79. Felicia Lee says:

    Holla saya baru menemukan blog ini, dulu saya pernah baca ff kamu yang lovely complex. nggak nyangka bisa nemu blog ini, dan bisa tau kalo ternyata kamu 96′s lines. awalnya nggak percaya lho karna karya kamu bagus banget ><
    umur kita gak beda jauh aku kelahiran 97(jadi apa saya tidak perlu memanggilmu eonni?) tapi karya kita beda jauh, karya kamu itu udah seperti author profesional, sedangkan aku pemula. senang bisa kenal kamu ^^

    • IJaggys says:

      halooooo makasih udah mau baca ff ff aku n.n
      you can call me whatever you want since i hate being called Onnie or else which is making me feeling so expired LOL

      aku juga belom se-profesional itu kok aku masih banyak belajar hehehe pleased to know you too then n.n

  80. oi20 says:

    annyeong… reader baru dsni,,,,aq jg ru kali ni berkunjung ke blogmu….
    salam kenal….

    nama: wina cinta, umur: 23 th, location: magelang

    tampilan blogmu bagus….kemampuan bhs inggrismu jg keren….

  81. azureveur says:

    ola, I haven’t written my introduction on this page hahaha 😀
    well, you’ve already known my name then.
    but, again… me, azura. 94liners. and yeah, I envy you. lols. you’re super young, makes me got a goosebumps. young and very talented in writing.
    well, same as you, I’m also Manhattan lovers. I’m not fashion maniac, but I do keep my eyes on those brand; Gucci, D&G, etc. And indeed, I’m sooo Upper East Side-er hahaha.

    • IJaggys says:

      holla in a minute i’ll come to your blog and write the same thing 😀 hahahaha
      Ohmygivenchy thankyou so much but i tends to not calling people onnie, so is it okey? hihihihi
      yeay i got my new Upper East Siders friend 😀 /highfive/

  82. aesong says:

    baru sadar seumuran. aku juga kelahiran 96.
    hahai~ saya silvi. salam kenal.
    ngakak tiap baca curhat colonganmu. berasa……. *abaikan*
    khkh oke aku bukan komentator yg baik. tapi aku suka. terserah mau artiin suka apaan nih-_-
    oke. aku panggil sonia aja kali ya. cukup sekian. *ngilang dari peredaran*

    • IJaggys says:

      haaaaai seumuran^^! salam kenal jugaaa. aku tau kamu pasti ngepens sama curhat colongan aku buktinya kamu baca terus semua curcolan aku di setiap kesempatan kita bersilatuhrahmi #abaikan wkwkwkw

      yes yes yes aesong call me what you want!~

  83. cloudsoora says:

    Annyeonggg…new reader soora imnidaaa..istri sah bang yeye dan selingkuhannya kai*plak*
    94Line..kkk~ authornya 96Line y..aduhh aq berasa tuaa*peluk yeye* aq manggilnya saeng dong ya..
    Baru baca ff yg voldyfishy sedikit tapi langsung suka..
    Salam kenal yaa..*bow*

  84. cloudsoora says:

    annyeong.!!!!new reader soora imnida..istri sah bang yeye dan selingkuhannya kai*plakk*
    94Line..sonia 96Line?aduh aq berasa tuaa*mewek*
    aq panggil saeng dong ya…
    baru baca sedikit yg voldyfishy dan lngsung suka..
    salam kenal ya saengg…*bow*

  85. Hi. uhm…I’m ur new fans. hheheh… 🙂
    Ur FF already steal my breaktime!! Hheheh…
    Cruel loveline and much strike words. I love it.
    And Voldyfishy is my favorite ones. Even I’m actually Siwonest. :p
    But after read ur FF, I thought I begin Like donghae, too. Hheheh..
    So, cant wait for another chapt of Voldyfishy 🙂

    • IJaggys says:

      hallo oh my givenchy i didn’t know i have the stats for my fans, LOL i don’t think i will have a fan of mehahahaha anyway thankyou so much for becoming my reader its my pleasure seekers for giving you many many many bitchy stories to come 😀

      I love Choi Siwon, but i’m writing my words for Donghae i guess its allright hahaha thankyou for waiting n.n

  86. chocholia ^^ says:


    neng kenalan yuk… im lia,,,

    actually im your fan too… haha…

    sebenernya males bgt ngomongin umur, pasti kamu bakal bilang aku tua atau kadaluarsa, tapi gpp deh biar akrab… aku dah 22,,

    seneng banget liat tulisan2nya… btw aku dah obrak abrik and hampir se library dah aku baca loh… hehe…

    pokoknya daebak lah….

    daebak bangeeeeetttt….nget…. nget… nget…

    lagi ya…. DAEBAK… DAEBAK…!!!

    sekali lagi deh…. DAEBAK… DAEBAK….!!!


    • IJaggys says:

      g!m4n4 kal0 ny4t4ny4 4kUu g4m4u d! 4j4k k3n4l4n s4m4 k4mU?

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Actually there is more lots better to say that i’m the D0KT3R C!NT4 one, whatever it means just skip this LOL
      sebenernya kamu udah tua banget? ngomong-ngomong jodoh kamu masih yang lama kan? terus gimana usaha bubur di sukabumi? eh tau ga sih masa C!nta F!tr! udah gaada lagi di sctv!!! jahat bgt ya!! ngomong ngomong kamu tau ga sekarang nasib si fitri sama si farel gimana? kalo ketemu mereka, bilang titip salam ya dari aku :””””)


      -D0KT3R C!NT4-

      • chocholia says:

        Haha~ hai aku baru nongol lagi neh… senangnya bisa berkunjung ke bulan lagi, btw dari sini ngliatin bumi kok jadi pusing ya??? *okelah gak penting >,<

        Okelah mba dokter cinta, yang bener aku udah tua banget…. *nangis meraung-raung dipojokan kamar*

        jodoh dikit lagi kayanya, tapi kayanya duluan kamu deh 😛 , usaha bubur Alhamdulillah, kemaren dapet pesenan dari JKT 48 buat acara ulang tahunnya, hehe~

        Iya deh ntar aku salamin ke mereka, bilangin klo anaknya kengen kan??

        Btw dokter cinta, klo mau konsultasi sejamnya berapa?? haha… 😀

      • chocholia says:

        Hai Ijaggys or Sonia (boleh kan aku sebut namanya 🙂 )

        Jadi gini, aku kan mau bikin page blogroll nih.
        Aku mau masukin blog kamu juga disitu, boleh ga? walaupun aku gak pernah komen, tapi hampir selibrary itu aku dah baca semua loh…

        Dan aku suka banget sama tulisan2 kamu, jadi boleh ya aku masukin di blogroll ku??? 😉

        Tapi setelah ini aku janji bakal terus komen di blog kamu, gmana??

        oia makasih sebelumnya… 😀

      • IJaggys says:

        Its Kate Middleton for the correct LOL Kidding hahahaha
        waw aku malah terimakasih loh ke kamu untuk masukin blog aku yang super rotation ini ke blogroll kamu n.n
        its fine for the comment, i always thanks everyone for every need one comment 😀

      • chocholia says:

        Okeokeh… aku masukin yah~ ^^

        Haha~ okelah Kate middleton yang sekarang udah beralih profesi jadi dokter cinta, nanti klo dah aku masukin kamu mampir liat ya… thanks lagi sebelumnya… 😀

  87. upi_esa says:

    annyeong, I’m upi, newbie in here…

    Nemu(?) blog ini hsl rekomendasian dr tmen, pas bka yg pertama q cri library nya, etdaaahhh bnyak bgt ff nya… Blum s4 bca ff nya sih abis q pnsaran ma authornya, pas bca ini (ampe comment2 yg bkin lidah kriting) ehmm make me more interest with you..

    Umur yah?? Aku 90’s line (brasa dedengkot bgt dsni) but please don’t call me ‘expired or old lady’ I’m little bit sensitive with age :D, just call my name okey…
    Chaah, aku mau bc ff mu dlu..
    Salam knal 🙂

    • IJaggys says:

      Hallo wellcome wellcome 😀

      ihihihihi bilangin makasih ya ke temen mu yang udah mau rekomen blog ini 😀 hahaha demi apa kamu bacain komen komen geje ini dari atas sampe bawah? lol you must be feeling like p diddy now :p

      YEAH EXPIRED LADY hahaha and yes i’m not calling someone as “onnie” you can count me on that 😀

      salam kenal juga

      makasih udah mau mampir dan komen

      loph u! 😀

  88. minkijaeteuk says:

    annyeong salam kenal…. q reader baru disini,,, q udh baca beberapa judul dr ff kamu di sjff n mungkin ID q udah ngak terlalu asing kali ya *sok terkenal hehehhehe*
    q tertarik baca ff disini terutama couple Donghae n Cheonsa soal y cheonsa y unik karakter y pa lg dipasangkan ma donghae…..
    q boleh tanya q bingung harus mulai dr mana baca ff HaeSa y,,, boleh minta saran y dr judul yg mana?????
    q dah baca yg paling bawah tu ff cheonsa n donghae n lanjut ke BREAKEVEN n ini beneran kan lanjutan ff yg harus di bac pa da judul ff lain yg harus di baca sblm ff itu????
    tolong dijawab ya???? gumawo…
    n ternyata kamu muda bgt n Kita beda 6 tahun,,,, km bisa bgt bikin cerita ff yg menurut q bisa dibilang bakalan ninggalin kesan yg ‘wah ff y beda dr yg lain’ gt punya cara tersendiri buat bikin ff y….

    • IJaggys says:

      Hallo salam kenal siapapun nama mu minkjaeteuk 😀
      makasih loh udah mau mampir ke sini terus kasih komen yang banyak (tough i cant reply your all comments but thankyou so much><) untuk saran kamu bisa mulai dari yang paling bawah alias dari yang judulnya "Serendipity of you and me" terus bacanya ke atas ampe ketemu the ending *udah kaya ngasih tau alamat wkwkwkw*

      kamu yang tua say, harusnya kamu bilang ke mama kamu biar dia ngelahirin kamu di taun 96 dan kita bisa tertawa bersama menikmati hari hari yang muda HAHAHA kidding LOL

      thankyou so much for the compliments n.n!

  89. babomanyeo says:

    annyeonghaseyo.. Tian imnida, 95line. Aku reader baru disini. ^^
    Geundae, aku sangat suka dengan tulisanmu, karena seru banget!!!
    Kalo ngomong bias, aku males ngomongnya karena biasku banyak disukai sama orang.. padahal dia kan setan bopeng… -______-
    over all, bangapseumnida…

    • IJaggys says:

      Hallo babomanyeo yang mempunyai nama asli Andaritian! welcoming you as a new pyschos! LOOOL
      makasih udah mau suka tulisan absurd aku :”)
      i can never thank you enough n.n

      AND buat mahluk bopeng yang kadang kadang sexy nya suka kumat, i understand kalo kita gaboleh nyebut merek disini ahahahaha :p

  90. Ririn_Setyo says:

    mlm admin Ijaggys, maaf nie ak nnya d blog pribadi km
    gini, hari rabu maren ak udh krm email ke buat nyebutin, genre,cast,plot, dan Author dari sujuff yang bakal ngebuatin ak satu FF sebagai hadiah d FF Sungmin Birthday.
    naahh it email ak udh msuk blm ya? soalna pas ngirim email itu internet d rumah lg kacau, mo ak krm ulng tkut doble. hehee it aj tengKYU ya Sonia ^^

  91. EnoChan says:

    apa aku diijinkan memanggilmu onnie? i’m 99 liners anyway :p

    annyeonghaseo. aku suka ff onnie >.< quotenya itu lhoo. ah jinja daebak.

  92. icha says:

    Berminatkah menjadi author di blog kami?
    Silahkan visit

  93. yolasekarini says:

    hello, its my first comment ya i always read from phone so it isnt easy.
    i realy love your story, i love to han cheonsa and everything about her.

    let me introduce my self so we can know each other, im 98 liner, so what should i call you?

    on my phone i bookmark your page adress, yeah i love your ff so much.~

    • IJaggys says:

      Hello yola welcome here ya, i understand every matters for giving the comment n.n
      I love you too <333 And HCS do wel said that she loves you too 😀

      People these days growing more younger than me =.= hahahaha call me IJaggys or Sonia.

      Aww sweets, i even didnt have the bookmark page for this blog on my phone. Thankyou so much Yola n.n

  94. YeShin30 says:

    Kya。。。。。jd slma ni aku slah manggil dong law nyebutny onnie 、o.oO
    aku kirain line 80-an, hehe 🙂

    lw gtu aku pglny Sonia aj y、
    oh y choneun nung imnida、aku line 92 ^_^

    ju2r aku suka bgt smua ff yg Sonia tlis plgi kta2 nd bahasany ntu loch、bkin WOW bgt bwt seumuran Sonia, daebakk 🙂

    pokokny aku slalu nunggu ff Sonia dech 😉
    keep wraiting、ne?? 😀

    • IJaggys says:

      WHAT……………………..80’s? ;A: i’m much younger than the elders /hippies cries/ LOL kenapa ya banyak yang nyangka aku 80s atau mbak-mbak yang merangkak dari taun 90 hahahaha =.=

      Then i’ll call Nung rightaway 😀

      Makasih makasih makasih tanpa komen komen kalian aku gabakalan bisa kaya sekarang n.n

      Ofcourse i’ll do, 🙂

  95. Aj_ElfCho0325 says:

    wahhh ..eonnie lucu trus asik deh kayanya orangnya , sepertinya sebentar lagi aku akan menjadi fansmu eonnie !!!! kyaaaaaa
    hadeuhhh ,,eonnie yang cantik manis imut trus unyo unyo *lebaymodeOn ,,keep writing and fighting ,ne !!!!! fighting fighting fighting !! Go IJaggys 😉

    • IJaggys says:

      Hiii! Aku tuh orangnya serius tau tapi in OVJ’s way LOOOL hahaha
      yang mau jadi fans sini cium manja ples bawain aku martabak telor ya, telornya 4 yang spesial kalo bisa martabaknya grade AA sama cari yang minyaknya Granola Oil biar tetep Low Fat (?)

  96. Hello! I just want to give an enormous thumbs up for the great data you’ve right here on this post.
    I might be coming again to your blog for extra soon.

  97. vievie says:

    yang muda yang berprestasi

    annyeong vievie imnida
    aq 92 lines
    aq blm smpat bca bru liat2 aja

    salam kenal

  98. applepuu says:

    ouch girl.. so u’re 96? i thought that we share the same line, 90 lines. pardon me .. hahahahha 😀
    its like i want you to teach me how to write such a cool-wild-interesting story.. YOU ROCK LITTLE SISTER !!!!!! ^^)/

    • IJaggys says:

      Ouch I’m the forever young-gal here LOL hahahaha at first you should be a dead character with an Animal Instinct inside of you /note: if you have :ppppp

  99. Erina says:

    line 96? huahhh itu berarti 1tahun lebih muda dari aku mianhae-mianhae-mianhae tadi aku panggil kamu eonni dikomen ff dan lebih parahnya lagi kamu gak suka dipanggil eonni ya. emang dasar ni gw namu ke rumah orang tapi engga permisi dulu jadinya kan kya dini malu sendiri aku hehe

    • IJaggys says:

      Iya hahahaha gapapa kok secara galangsung semua orang mau yang lebih muda atau yang jauh lebih tua manggil aku Onnie, Kak, Thor, its okaaay this a free country^^

  100. YeMa°° says:

    Hi Annyoeng ↖(^▽^)↗ Maria imnida 96lines… wahh seandainya aku gag baca behind Ijaggy’s ini mgkn aku juga mkr apa itu Beckham (~_~メ) tapi ternyata yg aku mau tanyain udah sangat jelas *^▁^* Oh iyaaa… kenalin aku baru hari ini bertandang(?) diWPmu = ̄ω ̄= sekali lagi salam kenal ya O(∩_∩)O aku juga bakal giat komen diffmu kkkk~~~ ヽ(^。^)ノ

    • IJaggys says:

      Hallo Maria yang sepantaran hahaha ↖(^▽^)↗
      Untung aja mikirnya Beckham coba kalo mikirnya Gonzales………
      salam kenal juga Maria, yang betah ya temenan sama si Beckham disini :ppp

  101. nadhzlee says:

    Annyeong, Hilyah imnida 97’s line 🙂
    Aku panggil Sonya eonnie, boleh??

    Suka banget sama tata bahasanya.. keren gila!..
    Pertama kali nemu blog ini langsung obrak abrik library terus nemu FF “He Stopped Loving Her Today” yang bikin nangis T.T

    Akhirnya FF itu masih ada di list bookmark-ku xDD

    Oh ya, ternyata kita satu bias,, si ikan mokpo =..=”

    Terus,terus… penggambaran Cheonsa keren banget.. cocok buat Donghae xDD
    biar bisa disiksa itu orang *evillaugh*

    • IJaggys says:

      Hallo, uhm, uhm, uhm, gimana kalo manggilnya Ibu Presiden aja? h3h3h3h3h3 lol JK, of course you can call me whatever you like cookies! 😀

      Aduh makasih pujianya jujur aja aku terharu sampe ngidam pengen makan nasi uduk sama ayam goreng, abis itu makan pisang goreng, abis itu dilanjut sama nasi goreng, sekalian kwetiawnya, juga martabak coklat keju sebagai penutup hari yang indah 😦



  102. Chaewon407 says:

    annyeong…. Nessa imnida. 88 line.
    Aku pengunjung baru blog ini….
    Wah, aku baru baca ff kamu yg Lovely complect langsung jatuh hati ni sama aothornya. Keren… Aku suka banget gaya bahasa kamu…
    Sepertinya kamu akan aku jejerin diantara author favorite aku… ^^

    • IJaggys says:

      Aduh hallo Kakak Nessa! Seneng deh nemuin masih ada orang dewasa yang mau nyempetin waktunya buat baca-baca tulisan anak umur 17 taun, to be honest it means so much to me 🙂

      Dan makasih sudah ngikutin LC sampe tamat hahaha, dan makasih juga udah mau ngejejerin anak cabe (?) di list author favorite kaka Nessa!


  103. jadi nama kamu sonia? you’re the same age with my lil bro. i’m meisye. ’94 line. selain di wp, suka nulis di mana lagi?

  104. Halo, Eci akhirnya menjejak di sini. Salam kenal, Sonia! ^ ^
    Backgroundnya bagus, trus pas scrolling nemuin juga pic little girl dan deretan planet. Kamu suka yang beraroma futuristikkah?

    • IJaggys says:

      Hallo Eci salam kenal 🙂 I know its kinda late karena aku jarang buka page ini, jadinya gatau siapa aja yang ninggalin komen hoho. I love everythung about outerspace ❤

  105. DeeJung says:

    Hi sonia? im your new reader here but not really new cz i have read your ff on the other wp, i feel sorry about that 😦 i being such an idiot who deceived by that plagiator.
    sebenernya aku nemu wp kamu karna sebuah ketidaksengajaan waktu aku search wp “author” (plagiator) itu, taunya malah ga sengaja nemu Live Journal kamu yang Your Psychopath Admirer.
    setelah baca beberapa ff kamu yg Voldyfishy baru nyadar ternyata selama ini aku telah mengagumi author yang salah, sorry again yaa IJaggys *bow*
    well i really in love with your bitchy voldy, seriously HCS is the best cast ever ^_^

  106. cho ayu says:

    hai ayu 93 line, waw kamu masih sangat muda ijaggys, dari tampilan blog kmu unik bgt, blm sempet bca ff si, tp sepertinya bkalan betah..

  107. aika...chan says:

    halllooooohaaaaa!!! IJaggys eonni..(boleh kan manggil kakak gitu) aq intan line 95 aq new readers aq ijin baca ff mu ya eonni… boleh ya #puppyeyesmodeon. heheehe

  108. EJ JOEY says:

    Ola! My first time here. 😉 I’m EJ or I always tell people that my name is Yesul (my fictional name hehe). You can call me either one. Let me explore your blog now … 😀 Cheerio~!

  109. Entik says:

    Aku baca tentang ijaggys d sjff aku langsung mikir wah umur aku d bawah i-gys, aku jadi bingung sendiri aku harus panggil apa? Kalo aku panggil ” sist ” gmn? Apa eon? , walau masih di bangku sma ( th. 2012 ) tapi tulisan dan karya nya keren2 pas banget kalo buat aku eon,.

    Salam kenal ” entik “

  110. lvoe98 says:

    Kak it’s me, i was sparEvil, i changed my email so i’m lvoe98 now ^^
    I’m happy to know you and khususnya cerita” kakak :” gue bener2 ska sejak pertama kali nemu blog kakak
    Mnrut gue sempurna, dan maaf kak gue selalu ngejugde cheonsa wqwq demi apa gue gk brmaksud, jdi jgan sakit hti ya kak

    keep writing ya kak ^^

  111. mapleandyou says:

    Well, pertama kali baca tulisan kamu dan aku mutusin buat jadi penggemar kamu.
    Aku 97-line! Salam kenal, ka ^^

  112. Afwi says:

    Haai, salam kenal
    ijin baca ff yaa

  113. Dion says:

    Wow! Gak nyangka elo semuda itu and udah buat karya yang luar biasa. Aku 99-line and i’m laying on my bed, reading your stories. Saat elo seumuran gue udah buat karya yang awesome banget. Haha anyway salam kenal.

  114. bubblegum says:

    salam kenal 👻

  115. Karlinaldh says:

    Setelah sekian lama~ kangen banget sama cerita Han cheonsa sama Donghae😭

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