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Welcome to Jupiter’s Moons Library everyone! It’s amazing what I can get done writing all of this when I am supposed to be doing something else. But I hope you cookies enjoy my all storiesㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ! 
MENTAL NOTE: Hi! for new readers, senior readers, freshman readers, silent readers, and people who just stopped by. I know some of you are wondering why the major stories on this blog are no longer available to read anymore. As you may or you may not know, I’ve been through a lot of writing issue these past two years, for most of all reason is: silent readers. Actually, being a silent reader/watcher in general is disrespectful. As a writer, you’re expected to write satisfying fics, and even to sweet talk the readers too but I’m just done being too kind, I quite admire writers who can endure and keep being super nice even with inconsiderate readers. Though I feel I’ve put up with it for too long to bother be nice anymore.
Jadi itu alasan kenapa di blog ini hampir semua FF-nya udah gabisa di akses lagi. Buat yang nanya password, I’m sorry I don’t do password thingy. Karena beberapa fanfiction sudah dibuat di dalam buku, jadi no password nor old chapters on my blog. Here’s are some basic rule dimana masih ada beberapa fan fiction dan live journals yang masih bisa kalian baca disini:
  • [LOCKED] –> Setiap ff yang berlabelkan locked sudah tidak bisa di akses lagi.
  • [ON BOOK VERSION!] –> FF sudah diterbitkan menjadi buku, untuk pemesanan bisa klik link di setiap chapter FF tersebut.
  • [FREE CHAPTERS!] —> Kalian masih bisa mengakses semua FF/Live Journal dengan label Free Chapters! di depanya.










Hi everyone! It’s summer and the sun has awaken. 

Jadi menyambut Summer Holiday yang sebentar lagi akan datang. Beckhamlovesbadda akan memberikan summer sale untuk semua ebooks yang ada disini, dengan free new e-book untuk setiap pembelian ebook sesuai ketentuan yang berlaku.











[FREE CHAPTERS!] English Ficlets

Project Status: Completed.

Running On: Ficlets.

| Han Cheonsa | Lee Donghae | Various Casts |


Synopsis: All ficlets and stories are written in english.





Mini Ficlet Series

Project Status: Postponed.

Running On: Ficlets

|Lee Donghae | Han Cheonsa | Random Cast




Reservation [LOCKED]





For a Good Time [FREE CHAPTERS!]






[LOCKED] Family Guy

Project Status: On Going.

Running On: Ficlets.

| Philip | Sen | Dean | Cheonsa | Donghae |


Synopsis: Life was hard enough without Mom,  but you have Dad and two awesome uncles with the scourge of your adolescent love life, constantly icing your game with their extensive firearms collection–to shot your boyfriend right at the first sight. Well, they meant well.




[LOCKED] Husband x Wifey

Project Status: On Going.

Running On: Ficlets.

|Lee Donghae | Han Cheonsa | Lee Jun|


Synopsis: Laugh at the funny side of being together with these jokes about marriage of Lee Donghae and Han Cheonsa.




[LOCKED] The Office

Project Status: On Going.

Running On: Ficlets.

|Kyuhyun | Cheonsa | Donghae | Hyukjae | Ryeweook | Sehun|


Synopsis: A mediocre advertising company in the hands of Cho Kyuhyun The CEO. This story follows the everyday lives of the CEO and the employees he “manages.” The plot follows the employees around 24/7 and captures their quite humerous and bizarre encounters as they will do what it takes to keep the company thriving.





Project Status: On Going.

Running On: Vignette.

| Choi Siwon | Godfrey Gao | Sen Mitsuji | Daniel Henney | Sunny Suwanmethanont |

wolf pacl

Synopsis: When it comes down to it, touring colleges is really exciting. It is a quick glance into the best four years of your life, and can truly help you make your decision.  Your college days is never good enough without these cool boys on the block.

Note: This series has been categorized as “local color”, the drama as observed in reality. Therefore may contain intense informal language in literature.




[LOCKED] Bucket Ficlets

Project Status: On Going.

Running On: Ficlets.



Synopsis: The following is a list of fiction employing parallel universes or alternate realities. Mostly works of ficlet and short story, with and without correlation to another story.



Prime: Lee Donghae [UPDATED!]



Prime: Cho Kyuhyun


Prime: Kim Mingyu – Seventeen


Prime: Bobby – iKON

For More iKON Stories you can visit this blog for dozens iKON’s series written by IJaggys: Catshires




[LOCKED] Baby C & Baby J

Project Status: Postponed.

Running On: Ficlets.

| Lee Hyukjae | Han Cheonsa |


Synopsis: Personal relationship between Lee Hyukjae and Han Cheonsa who lives together and share a common domestic life but are neither joined by marriage nor a civil union.





[LOCKED] Gangnam Love Story 

Project Status: Postponed. 

| Lee Donghae | Cho Kyuhyun | Han Cheonsa | Others |


Synopsis: Lee Donghae is a new teacher in one of the most elite high school in Gangnam, and there’s one girl with ocean eyes starting the flame with him. You set up rules to help you find real love, but if you find the right one, you end up breaking all the rules.





[LOCKED] |Unintended| 

Project Status: Postponed. 

| Lee Donghae | Cho Kyuhyun | Han Cheonsa |


Synopsis: Cheating is not a mistake. If you’re truly in love with someone, you will not able to kiss someone else without tasting your loved ones tears stain in your lips. You will not be able to take your clothes off for someone else without feeling like a field ripped bare to its soil. Cheating is a choice, its a choice you made.




[ON BOOK VERSION!] Silver Of Her 

Project Status: Completed.

| Han Cheonsa | Lee Donghae | 


Synopsis: Story about a man who killed his lover, and the reason behind the murder.




[FREE CHAPTERS!] A Shoot Series!

Project Status: Postponed. 

| Han Cheonsa | Lee Hyukjae | Kim Heechul |


Synopsis: Three freelance professional assassins from Korea comes to America for hire, they are here to kill the targets who are carefully chosen for them by their employers who pay them to kill on demand. It should therefore come as no surprise that they live together in a harmony! However, there’s always a bad guy who won’t shut up about them.

Together they will survive and rise above all else.

An assassion for hire. Paid to kill, and not leave a trace of evidence that can lead back to the customer. –Kim Heechul

  1. [A Shoot] Broken Arrow
  2. [A Shoot] Greetings From Bakersfield
  3. [A Shoot] A Friendly Hello From Michigan
  4. [A Shoot] Howdy From Bufallo
  5. [A Shoot] The Lone Ranger From Texas
  6. [A Shoot] I Left My Heart In San Francisco
  7. [A Shoot] Merry Go Round From Seattle
  8. [A Shoot] Birthday Kiss From Los Angeles
  9. [A Shoot] Runaway To Nashville
  10. [A Shoot] Having A Sweltering In Palm Spring
  11. [A Shoot] London’s Calling
  12. [A Shoot] Sunshine From Bournemouth
  13. [A Shoot] Wish You Were Beer From Castleton
  14. [A Shoot] Journal From City Of Angels [1]
  15. [A Shoot] Journal From City Of Angels [2]
  16. [A Shoot] The Sixth Floor From Dealey Plaza






Project Status: On Going.



ATTENTION: I’m going to write my any fucking blabs shit opinion down there, I don’t know if you want to read this or not because I don’t care. And I just want you guys to know, that I’m going to be super annoying about everything that happens in my life. So yeah, if you want to bash me after reading my shitty kitties diary I’m okayss since I already warned you on this mental note. Wufffs you toothless—☆




.[FREE CHAPTERS!] The Interviews!

Project Status: Postponed.

| All Characters |


NOTICE: Hai! Ini adalah series baru dimana semua karakter yang pernah muncul di beckhamlovesbadda akan di interview. So, kalian bisa request karakter mana yang ingin kalian interview berikutnya. Note: disini semua fanfiction di anggap sebagai sebuah film.







Project Status: Completed.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Synopsis: it’s the most romantic story ever. it makes Romeo&Julliet look like Insidious.

(note: cerita Voldyfishy di mulai dari yang paling bawah :D)





Project Status: Completed.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Synopsis: New chapter, small beginnings, new story from another heart. And still holding on with the past, she takes you to see her bicthy life, once again. Is there any hope? No clue.





Project Status: Completed.





Project Status: Completed.

[LOCKED] The Time Lost


Synopsis: The time lost, the chance missed, and the unspoken words left. All these have one thing in common. They never coming back. No one ever really runs out things to say. Those are just like the moments you are thinking about something you choose not to say. Because sometimes, we fear what we don’t understand. —

The Time Lost

[LOCKED] Wallflower


Synopsis: They say people come and go. But the truth is, no one disappears from your life. People just never realy leave, their roles just change.—-

– Wallflower

[LOCKED] Wonderland


Synopsis: Because we all have to choose live for something or someone, that is what keeps us going.—–


[LOCKED] He Stopped Loving Her Today


Synopsis:  Do you ever wish you had a second chance to meet someone again for the first time?

He Stopped Loving Her Today

[LOCKED] Even Death Has A Heart


Synopsis: We build homes in sand castles and fill them with love, even though we know they will be carried away by the tide.

Even Death Has A Heart

[LOCKED] Everytime


Synopsis: Love is stronger than death even though it can’t stop death from happening, but no matter how hard death tries it can’t separate people from love.—

– Everytime



Synopsis: If someone not close to you back from the dead, would you see it as a fortune or a delayed dead?

– Conundrum



Synopsis: How many times do you need to get hurt in order for you to understand that it’s time to let go?

– Naomi



Synopsis: Sometimes people get caught in between not wanting to be loved by anyone, and needing to be loved by someone.

Graduation Forever









Project Status: Completed.

Playing God

Synopsis: The only thing that makes marriage different from being on death row, is that married people wish they were dead. And sometimes the most unexpected things, turn out to be something you can’t live without.—






Project Status: Completed.


Synopsis: The thing about this richie  family is, no matter how badly you behave, hopefully they’ll forgive or maybe even forget. They’ll take you to the complicated, messy, luxurious, playboy, loving life of a modern day super-extended family. And they’ll invite you into the sometimes warm, full of tears, and sometimes twisted embrace of someone else’s family. Be ready for this Unsual Family-life 😉






Project Status: Completed.

Synopsis: We could follow you guys to the beginning, just to relive the start. Maybe then we’d remember to slow down at all of our favorite parts.  After all these years, something must have happened to all of us during the Happy Ending. Because we can’t expect happy ending forever. So that’s the reason why we are here again because Lovely Complex season 2 officialy begins—






Project Status: Completed.


Synopsis: When the dead won’t stay dead there’ll be hell to pay. Kim Yona only have 7days to fixing her messed up life before Kim Heechul drag her to Hell. 




[LOCKED] Angel and The Demon

Project Status: Completed.

Synopsis: Don’t look now but there’s an evil ginger child with the most beautiful orange curls, little ginger demon is gonna have one tough childhood and when its come, you gotta fight the Devil—With a Demon.





Project Status: Completed.



[LOCKED] London Tragedy

London TragedySynopsis: And in the end, we are all gonna die. You can choose to live your life to the fullest to spite the hard times. You can Live, or die.


Synopsis: What if you found yourself loving the two persons at the same time? And finally you realized that you love him more than he will ever know, and He loves you more than he will ever show. Could it be love or a disaster?

Only One [1/3]

Only One [2/3]

– Only One [3/3]


Synopsis: You don’t know  a good thing until it’s gone and found something else. Park Seera is a perfect girl who owned everything in her beautiful life, she has Choi Siwon who soon to be her husband and it was perfect until she is falling for ‘another him’. That is something she never planned before.

An Affair To Forget [1/3]

– An Affair To Forget [2/3]

– An Affair To Forget [3/3]


Project Status: Postponed.

Synopsis: Seorang dewa arogan nan lucu yang tinggal di surga tapi dihukum lalu pergi ke bumi. Tugasnya adalah meyakinkan tiga mahluk bumi untuk kembali ke jalan yang benar. Mampukah Kim Heechul menuntaskanya?





Project Status: Postponed.

Synopsis: When somebody that you love dies, you can’t cope your grief with forgetting, you cope it with remembering and realizing that nobody really disappeared or lost when they’ve been present in our lives and love us as we love them. but what if they refuse to die and flipped a switch and became someone we never knew? You’re not dead, but you’re not alive, either.





Project Status: Postponed.

Chap 10

Synopsis: this story is special written by Gabriella Bianca/@gengie_gege. New world, but same old story. The darkest secrets are always the ones that hit closest to home. XOXO –Gossip Girl




Project Status: Completed.





Project Status: Completed.

Synopsis: The most fluffy, tragic, dramatically, stories about Lee Donghae and Han Cheonsa with skinships alert! LOL MUST MUST MUST READ! 





Project Status: Completed.






Project Status: Postponed.

Original Fiction


Synopsis: This is not korean fanfiction, and i don’t know why i’m bulshitting Over this story. But i think i’ll make The Perkinson’s series as a ficlet/drable/oneshot/whatsoever.  And it’s because I hate how much people make me hate people. Don’t worry i’m still in love with my pyschos who reading this story right now, I can never thank you enough guys n.n





Synopsis: decided to not writing the next part or finishing these stories because somethings are better left unsaid LOL.












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  66. HanXX says:

    Annyeong… i’m a new reader here, hehe
    actually, i don’t know why i posted this comment lol..
    but, i really want to read all of your stories lol.. hehe 🙂
    please give me your permission ok?
    eonni, you are very cool writer.

  67. haestyle says:

    new readers, ntky kak son nn
    dapet usulan dari temen ke blog ini, dan ga nyesel sama sekali buat dateng.
    author fav nambah satu ahh;”’)
    all of ur fanfiction is awesome, baru baca satu dan alhasil ya ketagihan;3
    intinya izin ngestalk lebih banyak yes kak, thankyou so muchhhh<3333

  68. fishy_888991 says:

    salam knal…
    Ijin bca ff kmu ya…

    Pokok nya ijin aja yaaa ( *gak tau month ngomng apa)

  69. nuygamekyu says:

    Hello thor aku reader baru ijin baca baca yaa thor

  70. nuygamekyu says:

    Hello thor aku reader baru
    Wahhh thor ff nya banyak bingung mau bacanya darimana dulu

  71. tiya says:

    Holla eon . . *panggil eon aja yahh biar lbih akrab soalnya
    tya imnida ,, 97 line . aku dpat blog ini pas lagi ngubek” google juga .. aku k sini mau ijin ngubek” blog eon trcinta !? 😉
    enaknya mau.bca dri mna dluu ya …
    *mau baca dlu ya eon

  72. ktr says:

    Hai!! I was new reader here 🙂
    firstly I just ask for your permition 🙂 Thanks

  73. Marsya says:

    Aku new reader hehe… Ff nya bagus2 ya kak

  74. tartar says:

    annyeong thor..
    numpang baca y. .
    oh y thor maaf klo bleh sy mau tanya apakah hubungan author dg pemilik demonfic blog yg nulis ff yulsic…
    maaf lho yhor sy lancang…

  75. Pingkabu says:

    Ijin baca.. ^^

  76. FauziahNM says:

    hallo aku new reader, ijin baca ffnya ya 🙂

  77. Dini says:

    Hi, aku new reader ^^
    izin baca ff nya yaaa 😀 aku baru baca ff Playing God, kapan part 11 nya dilanjut???? Udah penasaran nihh :3

  78. AalinCho9 says:

    Annyeong Author-nim ! readers baru *kagaknanya 😐

    ijin ngubek2 library.a ya 😀 #Hug

  79. LEA says:

    permisi !! ijin baca ff-mu author-nim

  80. karenina says:

    Daebakkk (y) bagus bangettt ff nyaa >< aku suka aku sukaa

  81. akanadila says:

    hallo ~ pembaca baru yang dijamin bakalan baca semua cerita kaka yang super keren ini sampe abisss, dan maaf anti kalo aku akan ninggalin banyak sampah disini, comment comment yang aneh tapi yaaa cuma gini saya ngehargain karya kaka yaang superduper keren ini. izin bacaa yaaa. 😀

  82. Jian Shi says:

    annyeong author, aku reader baru di sini ^^ minta ijinnya buat baca karya-karyamu ya. gamsahamnida ^^

  83. amelia says:

    hello author, i am new reader here.
    bingung mau mulai baca dari mana. karyamu banyak sekalee.
    pertama kubaca ffmu yg voldyinterworld, addiction.
    keren bgt T.T
    bahasanya bagusss.
    keep writing ya.

  84. Jubaedah siwonest says:

    Kenapa,Kok voldfishy nya ga bisa dibuka siih?

  85. stonerhuii says:

    library nya ga baa ke buka smwa..
    ntah lah knp?

    yg pasti cie mungkin krn aku terlambat utk terdampar disini.. adeeehhh.. #menyesal..

    slm kenal sonia..
    aku line 91..

  86. desy4ss says:

    keren keren ff nya.. suka banget.. bahasanya.. alurnya.. semuanyalah.. keren..

  87. desy4ss says:

    suka bgt.. keren bgt ffnya

  88. @reshaaa24 says:

    The mad monk sama who am I nya terusin dong T-T sayaang pending huhuuu

  89. BlackSwan says:

    annyeong!!! aku reader baru di blog ini… hehehe… salam kenal yaa~
    oiya aku mau nanya nih ff Voldyfishy nya itu dihapus ato gimana ya?
    soalnya aku penasaran ama ceritanya… hehe

    ok dehh… salam kenal ya author 🙂

  90. BlackSwan says:

    annyeong!!! aku reader baru di blog ini… hehehe… salam kenal yaa~

    oiya aku mau nanya nih ff Voldyfishy nya itu dihapus ato gimana ya?soalnya aku penasaran ama ceritanya… hehe
    ok dehh… salam kenal ya author!!!

  91. Alloha , aku reader baruu , mau tanya
    kok ffnya bnyak yang di delete ya ???

  92. Nabela says:

    annyeong new reader imnida hehe.. seneng nemu blog ini..
    izin baca ya 🙂

  93. ddd says:

    rata2 semua di kunci?
    yaampun …
    tapi untung dulu ada beberapa ff ini udah d baca

  94. uchie vitria says:

    woww udah banyak juga ya yang udah dibukukan
    apa digramedia ada
    jadi kepo nich gw
    walau baru baca ffnya sebagian
    tapi ngeliat sinopsisnya jadi greget pengen ngebaca semua

  95. PrintaNur says:

    sukaaaaaaaaaaaa n ketagihan buat baca lagi..dan lagi,

    tapi,yang oneshoot “locked” semua,so i’m so sad T_T,ya sudahlah baca yang masih free chapter.

    Lagi nungguin “Unintended”,makin penasaran untuk nextnya.

    Keep writing Sonia^^……
    (salut sama ide2 yang nggak ada habisnya)

  96. Yuan lulu says:

    Kyaaaaa aku baru nemu niee linkkk.. Huwaaaa eonnnii aku minta ijin ubek2 librarynya yaaaa 😃 khamsahamnida ❤

  97. Jae Rha says:

    Annyeong Haseo Eonnie .. Aku readers baru di sini ijin bongkar ffnya ne ? Hhehehe *Salam kenal*

  98. gaemgyukkuru says:

    Aku new readers nih kak son, baru sempet coment juga karena beberapa minggu yang lalu sinyalnya buruk *skip* aku suka banget sama semua ceritanya, alur sama penulisannya keren banget. Jempol deh pokoknya buat kak sonia 😀 izin baca semua ya kak ya meskipun kebanyakan udah dilock sih >< ailopyu kak son/? *skipplease*

  99. sarahae says:

    yeeee senengnya terdampar di blog ini, disini banyak ff donghaenya huwa saya suka saya suka, soalnya skarang jarang ff dgn cast utama abang ikan yg ganteng ini, izin baca ya authornim oh iya salam kenal sarah imnida bangapseumnida 😁

  100. kyhsjjin says:

    wah!! baru nemu blog ini, dan sebagian ff nya udah pada dibukuin. izin baca satu-satuauthor-nim.

  101. Great blog you’ve got here.. It’s difficult to find good quality writing like yours these days.
    I really appreciate individuals like you! Take care!!

  102. DiastinaWu says:

    akhirnyaahh setelah sekian lama vacum dari dunia per-membaca ff-an, I’m going back to my favorite hobby. ketinggalan banyak banget gue ka. thank you for you kindess to update this library

  103. wow, i dont know which one to start ^^ but i think all the great fanfictions are here kkk. and those books…. awesome. so proud to know you and your works ^^ all best for you ^^

  104. @Evi3ani says:

    Yah Pengen baca tp telat T.T

  105. My labila says:

    aku reader baru salam kenal dan ijin baca…

  106. Cut vonny says:

    Annyeonnggg,,aku reader baru,,,ijin baca ff nya yaaa,,

  107. ainin nadhifa says:

    anyeong eonni…
    ainin imnida..:-) q nemu blog ini karna da yg merekomendasikan.. katanya ff eonni bagus”
    izin baca ya…

  108. efasiwonest says:

    Annyeong eonni. Aq reader baru disini. Ijin baca ff nya ya.

  109. sparEvil says:

    Sumpah gue gk nyangka ternyta ini website masih aktif and i was happy, well karna udah banyak banget website elf yg udah gk aktif
    So i’m happy to know abt it ^^
    Just keep writing and i miss ur stories ^^

  110. Nurlaely D says:

    Slm knal,, mau ikutan baca ya..

  111. Lina Rahman says:

    Hi~ aku reader baru..
    Salam kenal

  112. Afwi says:

    Aku kog telat bgt ya tau blog ini.
    Bingung mau baca yg mana dan sudah banyak yg locked pula.

  113. It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d certainly donate to this fantastic
    blog! I guess for now i’ll settle for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account.
    I look forward to fresh updates and will talk about
    this website with my Facebook group. Talk soon!

  114. rida says:

    halo kakak salam kenal, aq reader baru disini, dpt rekomen dr lapak sebelah…ijin baca ff karya2mu

  115. rachmakafka07 says:

    Mau tanya.. novelnya di jual di gramed juga gak??

  116. afiyarhmia says:

    Baru buka, ternyata udah banyak banget yg di post
    Good job eonni

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