“Hyung has very beautiful, expressive eyes, his emotions always shows through his pure eyes, with nothing concealed. Donghae hyung really makes other people like him because of his child-like innocence. But hyung is very different when he’s quiet. He stays in a corner quietly, wearing headphones, and spacing out.” – Cho Kyuhyun

“there have been many lucky things for me after i entered SM but meeting Donghae was the luckiest.” – Cho Kyuhyun

“trying to find kyuhae amidst the dozens of other couples is like digging for diamonds in mud – it’s a rare gem, but when you find it, it’s veritable mannah from heaven. you have to take off the mainstream goggles to see it, which isn’t a difficult feat if you have a penchant for subtle fanservice.” -to quote an anon from kpopficsmeme:

“No matter how I say it, Donghae hyung holds a very high place in my heart.” – Cho Kyuhyun

“whenever I got depressed, he was always there to encourage me, I really love this kind of hyung.” – Cho Kyuhyun

“Hyung is so handsome when he’s strong.” – Cho Kyuhyun

Kyuhyun: “Donghae gets lonely the most easily.”

Donghae: “Kyuhyun is the more lonely type.”

(111013 Danny’s Music Show)

“Whenever I miss my parents, Donghae hyung always comforts me when I know he missed his parents even more.”- Kyuhyun


Kyuhyun to Donghae ♥

Ever since my training days, I really liked Donghae hyung. So whenever Donghae hyung came into the practice room, I went in too. I sang with him and heard songs with him. From then, he was a hyung that I liked. As I came into Super Junior as a member, I talked a lot to Donghae hyung. And as we talked, we became closer. Then I got to learn about Donghae hyung’s personality. He’s a kid. Maybe that’s not the right word but he’s really innocent. He’s an innocent and pure person. Now and later on, Donghae hyung is a special, lovable, cute, innocent and great hyung. I’m really thankful to be a Super Junior member. And I’m also thankful for meeting Donghae hyung. Donghae hyung was also one of the members that visited me the most when I was in the hospital. And he called me a lot. He called me from the bathroom. I think there’s something wrong with that. But even with those qualities, I love everything about him.





Help Source: –http://king-triton.livejournal.com/745.html




p.s: this page will be edited later if i found something new from this dashing boys 😀 i’ll enjoying you with KYUHAE’s shipper if you don’t like this Shipper you better out from this page LOL 🙂

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  1. sherry says:

    i really love kyuhae couple….ahh…this song(storm) make me want to cry….also the song before this song…confession of a friend right??all the member of super junior appreciate donghae…he was the most precious member in super junior and everyone likes him….i was so touched when kyuhyun said that kind of thing….he ever say that the most hyung he like is donghae and he loves everything about donghae….he makes me to appreciate all the people around me….KOMAPSUMNIDA SUPER JUNIOR ESPECIALLY HAE OPPA…I HOPE U ALWAYS TOGETHER NO MATTER WHAT AND BE STRONGER THAN BEFORE…AJA AJA HWAITING!!!!

    • IJaggys says:

      so if you love kyuhae couple that much, then this place must the best place for you hahaha yes storm is my favorite song among all 5JIB’s songs and the second song goes to 2AM yeah this kind of ballad song whose make me madly in love so much>< how come ppl not loves this fish when he can make the things being sooo precious arround him gaaaah i really miss him lately.

      you should know that Kyuhyun already madly&deeply in love so much to Donghae xD hahahaha you seem bit of really excited after knowing their secret relationship 😀

  2. cutebabyhae says:

    make me crying, oh i miss that boy~ btw kemarin ada kyuhae moment. seingatku Kyuhyun dateng ke kantor polisi dongha, siwon, dan changmin. Donghae yg nyambut Kyuhyun malah Donghae ngacak rambut kyuhyun kangen gituh 😀

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