No matter how I say it, Donghae hyung holds a very high place in my heart. I remember when I first joined SJ as the 13th member, I felt very uneasy, but hyung would always give me strength, whenever I got depressed, he was always there …to encourage me, I really love this kind of hyung.

It was my first time to be away from home for such a long time in a foreign country; our fans gave me warmth, but I still can’t escape from missing my parents, and it was the first time I understood Han Geng hyung and Kibum hyung’s pain. I wanted to cry because I missed my parents, but Donghae hyung was always there to quietly comfort me. I know that hyung misses his parents more than anyone else — his father in heaven, and his mother in Mokpo. Even if he does mention his father, who has passed away, hyung never cries in front of the camera. Having a sensitive personality, hyung used to cry often, but because he made a promise with his father that he wouldn’t cry, he never cried again because of sadness. Hyung is so handsome when he’s strong.

Hyung is also very handsome when he works hard. In our company, hyung is a well known “training worm,” you can find him in practice rooms very often. Since then, I would often go to the practice room to find him, and then when I saw that he was working very hard practicing his dance, but still with a smile on his face, I was very moved.

Before we came to China, hyung always had notebooks in his bag, filled with notes he took to learn Chinese. In China, whether he’s meeting fans, or when he’s in the dorm, he’s always working hard at trying to communicate with everyone in Chinese, he’s always chasing Han Geng hyung and asking about this and that. And even when we return to Korea, he’s always bragging about his Chinese skills. Hyung’s very cute when he’s like that.


Childishness completely fills hyung’s life. He really is very mischievous. Once I was sharing a room with Donghae hyung in the hotel, I was absorbed by the computer, while wondering why Donghae hyung was so quiet. When I lift my head up to look, he was lying there drawing on the sofa. In the dorm, you can always see Donghae jumping up and down like a monkey, very full of energy, always looking youthful. This kind of hyung gives Han Geng hyung, who is now the leader of SJ-M, lots of headaches.

Hyung has very beautiful, expressive eyes, his emotions always shows through his pure eyes, with nothing concealed. Donghae hyung really makes other people like him because of his child-like innocence. But hyung is very different when he’s quiet. He stays in a corner quietly, wearing headphones, and spacing out. No one knows what he’s thinking, he’s completely in his own word, people will never believe that he is the normally very excited Donghae hyung.

Donghae hyung can be very funny sometimes. For example, on shows, he’s always saying in Chinese “I know,” and “I can understand.” But when the host lets him talk, he looks completely lost. And when we went to Nanjing to promote for the first time, the organizers invited us to eat Nanjing’s very delicious salt water duck, and after that he fell in love with the duck. When were were preparing to leave Nanjing, he suddenly pulled out 2 salt water ducks from his bag in the airport. No one knew when he bought them. It was very surprising.

Hyung is very careful about his image. In our dorm, he would poke acne on his face, and then look very frustrated. In China, because the enviroment is different, in the beginning he wasn’t used to it, hyung really had acne on his face. I did too. At that time, hyung always would say to me, “Kyuhyun ah, this method is very effective in removing acne.” And so he would drag me to try out his “Secret Acne Removal Recipe” together, which might be this kind of face mask, or that kind of skin-care product. After trying many times, hyung’s face really did get better, but mine didn’t, so he always made me eat lots of vegetables and fruits, telling me that those are good for my health.

“You must be healthy,” this must be the words that appear frequently in hyung’s wishes. I committed this deeply in my heart. This is also Donghae hyung’s truest wish for everyone. After experiencing the passing of his father and and other members’ car accidents, Donghae hyung became stronger.

Cho Kyuhyun about Lee Donghae—-

Original Article: http://i273.photobucket.com/albums/jj226/letu154/14866410150313024865635.jpg
Translated and posted by: xcloudyx
Credits: snapliok@soompi forum

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  1. hyukbumnik says:

    i love my oppa
    i know he is always do his best
    strong.. handsome.. kind.. kurang ape coba?
    tumben kyuhyun eling.. /plak haha

  2. someone says:

    keren… *cuit cuit
    kenapa ga ada lee donghae about cho kyuhyun?
    gw elfishy, mka.ny gw pngen tau pndpat LDH ttg kyuhyun…

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