We drink and we wait to die



The Mayan calendar was misread. The real end of the world is the next day.

Oh dear lord.

I set down my notebook, filled with my tiny, sprawling handwriting, and pictures of the same ominous calendar. I sat in my office chair in wonder, pondering the implications of this discovery.

Surely it was fake right? They were the Mayans! An ancient backward civilization, condoning acts that are primitive and barbaric! They couldn’t possibly be right about something as huge as this.

Calm down Lee Donghae, everything is going to be fine.

I tried to control my breathing, tried not to panic, but no matter what I did, the truth was looming over my head, this was true. We really were facing the end of the world—


I nearly jumped out of my seat, having been abruptly torn from my panicked monologue. I slowly turned to face my wife, Han Cheonsa, standing in the doorway of office with a hot plate of mashed potatoes and chicken with her characteristic smile etched upon her face.

While it once brought me comfort and happiness to see, now it just filled me with sadness. To think, after today, I would never see that beautiful, warm, gleeful, smile again.

“Donghae, dear?

I realized I had been staring with a sad smile on my face, and quickly snapped back to attention.

“I’m so sorry Cheonsa, my mind is a million miles away today. What do you need?”

“Oh, I just wanted to bring you dinner,” her face scrunched up in that cute way of hers, “what’s that?”

I looked down and realization dawned on me, she was talking about the notebook. I snapped it shut and looked back up at her, trying my damnedest to put up a convincing fake smile.

“Oh, it’s just work stuff, don’t worry about it.”

She set the plate of food down on the desk next to me and took a seat, “If you say so, but I saw some weird pictures in there.”

Once more putting up my remarkably convincing fake smile, “Well, you see, I’ve been doing a little bit of research into the history of the Mayans, especially in regards to their contributions to modern technology. I assure you, it’s nothing to worry about.”

“Come now, Donghae, you can try to fool me with that little smirk, but I know when, you’re lying to me. What’s really going on?” Her blue shining eyes sparkled in amusement, not yet concerned.

So much for the smile.

I decided that I couldn’t trouble her with something like this, there was no use in worrying others in something that could not be helped, if we all died, we died, there was no use in spreading the news. “Darling, I promise, it’s nothing worth worrying about.”

“Fine. If you don’t want to tell me, I’m not going to make you, but I will find out. Eventually.” She turned and left in a fake fit of anger. I watched as she left and closed the door behind her, possibly the last time I would ever see her.

I pulled out my cell phone.

“Hyukjae? Yeah, hey it’s Donghae. You know that project we’ve been working on? Yeah, I think we found what we’re looking for.”

A pause. Then, after a moment.

“You mean, the calendar? The end of the world?

“Yes, by my predictions, we have till about ten a.m. tomorrow.”

Another, somewhat longer pause, the sound of a drink being poured, “Have you told anyone else?

“No, I just had to lie to Cheonsa. It was the most painful thing I’ve ever had to do. Hyukjae, what are we going to do?” I looked through my notes as we talked, desperately looking for some kind of mistake, or solution, there were none.

A defeated, weak voice replied.

“We drink and we wait to die.”

The end of the world is here.








Special weekend story, comments are greatly appreciated!





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4 responses »

  1. Minseokhoon says:

    Aaah gak suka baca cerita tentang hari terakhir begini tapi suka sama karakter HCS yang tetap tenang😊

  2. shfly3424Arista says:

    Duh ga ngerti chingu
    Jd ga tahu mau ngmng ap

    Aku ga bs bhasa inggris

  3. kim_yeon says:

    The end of the world…. 😦
    yeahhh Donghae you better do not tell Cheonsa about it
    & it’s hurting me as well as the others 😦 breathtaking
    so this is the end of the whole story ??
    😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

  4. fsshy says:

    Seperti biasa~ Cheonsa slalu tenang ya. Kapan aku jga kayak gitu yg tnang aja ga bgtu marah klau ada mslah

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