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Death appears at Jenny’s door. He just wants to talk.




Death appears at Jenny’s door. He just wants to talk.

“So, just to recap, I have two awesome boyfriends and I love them both equally. Because love wins, duh?”

Jenny spoke while staring into empty space. The skeletal figure at her door watched her quietly, holding up a hallowed out pumpkin.

“I got dishonorably discharged, making it all but impossible to get a job and my two boys didn’t know. Neither of them. I drink all night, every night, and I just tried tabs for the first time, but not enough to hallucinate, I was told.” Her dress was red, a devilish red. Not a stained red like the last one. Because of that, she was having trouble in college. Too caught up in being cool.

“Listen Death Reaper, if you’d showed up three months ago and stared at me like that, I’d question my sanity. But now, I almost want you to kill me.” Jenny staring at the death reaper, who was appeared on fun-mini-sized.

But it doesn’t matter, Jenny can talk, she got plenty times tonight since her first and second boyfriend decided to be on Boys Night.

“Well, Okay–” Death’s voice was shockingly youthful. The skeleton slowly lowered the pumpkin he held and backed away. He turned to his buddies, a ghoul and a vampire which on fun-mini-sized too.

“Forget the candy! Just run away! That girl is one hella crazy psychopath.”

Leaving Jen alone with bars of snickers on her hands. Classic Jen.







Classic Jen is my favorite lmao! Happy sunday! 



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  1. Maru9 says:

    bahkan seorang Death Reaper tidak ingin berurusan dgn seorang Jen yg psikopat.

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