Jenny always made the worst fucking decisions.




Her dress was red. Her heels were black. Her purse was just large enough to carry a gun, an extra clip of ammunition, and her makeup.

Jenny always made the worst fucking decisions.

Like trying to go to the club with a loaded gun. Not only was her ass kicked out at the door, but she broke her stilettos in the fight. And now she had to walk back home barefoot because she didn’t bring her wallet to make room for the gun.

How were you gonna get into the club with no ID, Jen?

To make matters a hundred times worse, her white dress was forming a red stain because she didn’t bring any tampons with her—on her fucking period.

Fuck, Jenny.

What the actual fuck.

Apparently she took them out of her purse to make room for an extra clip of ammunition. Great fucking job, Jen. Now her dress was red and her heels were black.

No, Jen, reapplying your mascara right now isn’t going to help your situation. Put your makeup back in your purse and go the fuck home!

Classic Jen, that rascal.






Welcoming the newborn original character from IJaggys—Jenny! Maybe in near future Classic Jen will make another appearance on beckhamlovesbadda. 



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5 responses »

  1. Zii says:

    cieee Ada orang baru 🙂 selamat datang !! Semoga bisa jadi temen Cheonsa ya !! Hihihi XD kira-kira nanti juga couple lan sm siapa ? Jangan DOnghae pliss, apalagi Kyu Hahaha

  2. maru9 says:

    Welcome a new OC
    wah HCS da saingannya nih, kira2 bakal rebutan LDH gk ya????

  3. kim_yeon says:

    Welcome Jenny !!!
    New character new person
    But I like LDHCS more

  4. fsshy says:

    Aku ngerasa ada kemiripan diantara dia sama HCS
    Tapi ttep aja
    Selamat datang new OC

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