Hai, Sonia!



It’s sunday, the gracious day for everyone. I’ve nothing to do since past four, and I got this little tag from Angelina Park about 50 Questions about us in general/or? (all questions based on chalenge here). I turned out enjoying this more than I originally planned (for my amusement, of course). Hope you guys enjoy reading mine! 





1. What kind of insect is Sonia most annoyed of?

  • European Rhinoceros Beetle (Google it. They’re monsters.)

2. How does Sonia relieve her stress?

  • By creating a drama.

3. What kind of top (clothing) does Sonia like to wear?

  • Flannel.

4. What is Sonia hate the most during summer?

  • Sunburns. (Because the sun is hotter in the summer and it finds you and your pale skin when you are outside and just sits on you, making the next 2-3 days a) painful, b) itchy c) peely d) wishing you had just gone to get a spray tan.)

5. What is Sonia’s favorite dish?

  • Every juicy bites from Mel’s Drive-In.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

6. What is Sonia’s favorite animation movie?

  • Toy Story Saga. (You guys should see this featured clip from Toy Story 3. Ken is my spirit animal!)


7. Who is Sonia’s favorite singer?

  • Doja Cat.

8. What is Sonia’s favorite flower?

  • Black Roses from Maison Des Fleurs.

9. What is number one on Sonia’s bucket list?

  • Turn back time. So she could keep her father forever.

10. What is Sonia’s favorite color?

  • She believes in pink.

11. What is Sonia’s favorite color of clothing?

  • Lot of Black. Because she’s ready for your funeral.

12. What is Sonia’s favorite sport?

  • Sleeping.

13. What kind of weather does Sonia like when she goes for a walk?

  • Cloudy with a chance of meatballs.

14. What is Sonia’s zodiac sign?

  • Leo.

15. What song is Sonia listening to while she is writing this question?

  • Oh Wonder – Shark.

16. How tall is Sonia?

  • 5’7.

17. What flavor of maccaron does Sonia like most?

  • Everything straight from Ladurée.


18. What is Sonia’s favorite thing to do?

  • Being  a drama queen.

19. When is Sonia’s birthday?

  • 13th August.

20. Where was Sonia born?

  • Straight outta Chicago.

21. How long has Sonia been using her current cell phone number?

  • 5 years.

22. What was Sonia’s childhood dream?

  • When I was 8 years old, I wanted to be an archaeologist. By the time I was 12, I didn’t want to be anything. I’ve exceeded my expectations.

23. What does Sonia think about when she takes a shower?

  • Contemplating life.

24. What is Sonia’s favorite beverage?

  • I would say, Coca Cola—but Jack deserves a win…..


25. Which country does Sonia want to go?

  • New York.

26. What is Sonia’s favorite item?

  • Her MacBook Pro.

27. What is the name of the movie that made Sonia cry the hardest?

  • The Odd Life of Timothy Green. (She has a soft spot for Disney movies)

28. What is Sonia’s favorite fruit?

  • Starfruit, because she’s a star ★

29. What is Sonia’s favorite dessert?

  • They’re monsters.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

30. What kind of weather does Sonia like when she takes a nap?

  • The 16C air-conditioner kind of weather.

31. What is Sonia’s favorite amusement ride?

  • Corkscrew. She lives for adrenaline.

32. What is Sonia’s favorite fashion item?

  • Purse.

33. What is Sonia’s favorite number?

  • 13.

34. What is Sonia’s favorite letter? 

  • F. (Because fudge off that’s why.)

35. What is the most number of hours Sonia slept before?

  • 19 Hours.

36. Which language is Sonia most interested in?

  • [greets you in Romanian]

37. What kind of animal is Sonia hate the most?

  • You.

38. What food does Sonia not eat?

  • Seafoods. They’re gross.

39. What was the last movie Sonia watched in theatre?

  • Captain America: Civil War (third times in a row—should make the fourth one) #TeamCap


40. What is Sonia’s favorite city?

  • Budapest.

41. What is Sonia’s favorite ice cream?

  • Vanilla. (Especially from Carl’s Jr)

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

42. Who is Sonia’s Indonesia favorite author?

  • I mean—anyone?

43. What does Sonia want to do most in New York (you can change the country based on your answer from #25)?

  • Treat herself in Bergdorfs Goodman.

44. What does Sonia do before she goes to bed?

  • Reading countless beautiful stories on AO3.

45. How long was the distance of Sonia’s first marathon?

  • Never? (Running or jogging is the worst. I mean I know it keeps you healthy, but God, at what cost?)

46. What is Sonia’s favorite poetry (please insert link if any)?

47. How many times has Sonia been stung by a bee?

  • Nope.

48. What is Sonia’s favorite day of the week?

  • Tuesday. (That’s the only day she has no class to attend.)

49. How many pets Sonia has?

  • None, because apparently Sonia loves to pet herself.

50. How does Sonia sleep?

  • With neck pillow, in the arms of Sealy.






P.S:  Since I don’t have any blogger-friends, so feel free to tag yourself. Will add your name up here. Anyway, you can ask me about anything by dropping the question on comment box, and I’ll greet you there 🙂 



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10 responses »

  1. La Princesa says:

    Hai, Sonia! Thank you for participating in this game, ya. ^^ – Putri.

  2. Ju says:

    Hai Kak Sonia! Dari semua post-an “Hai” yang aku baca, cuma yang punya kakson yang paling menarik apalagi krn ada selipan foto-fotonya heheh jadi kita gabosenn.

  3. loewelove says:

    AAAAAAAAA baru sempet mampir ke beckham!
    terus udah banyak bgt ff baru huuuu aku tertinggal jauh nih kakson 😦
    bythewaaay aku suka sekali sama jawaban jawaban kakson. Spot Marlboro dan Jack Daniels, ugh kakak memang Audrey Hepburn-nya di dunia wordpress ini ❤

  4. gujune says:

    hi hi hi hi kak! Lama gangeliat kakson di IFI, ternyata kakson aktif banget disini huehehehehe sedikit bete sama diri sendiri karena kurang update. dan berencana mau khatamin semua post-an baru di blog ini, walaupun cast nya bukan iKON tapi kalo kak ijaggys yang bikin aku bisa apa /gombal wkwkwkwkw

    kak hidup kakak tuh….classy banget. Mau dong kak, di ajak makan di Mel’s Drive In (semoga resto itu masih di dalam indo :p)

  5. Nayeon Lee says:


    Baca ini jadi ngobatin rasa kangen ke kaksonia. aku suka banget baca jawabanjawabannya. Sungguh khas kak sonia sekali.

    Yang bikin makin seru ditambah ada selipan foto di beberapa jawaban terus aku lsg ngeces pas liat coklat sekoper banyak gitu mana mereknya hershey, nutella, cadburry, terus ada garret juga. Kak boleh lah kak ke fancy-annya dibagi bagi ke penghuni beckhamlovesbadda wkwkkwkwkw

    duh maaf ya kak komennanya jadi gapenting soalnya aku rindu sekali melihat tulisannya kakson. last, tetap semangat dan terus berkarya kak ijaggys 🙂

  6. Dian_03jj says:

    Kak Soniaaaa seneng deh kalo udah post live journal soalnya kehidupan kakson itu beda sama author2 lainnya yg gitu2 aja hehehehe

  7. […] Titis — Evi — Tyas — Xian — Airly — Indri — Nida — Sonia — Ardani — Irish — Zy — Berly — Gaby — Fanny — Veli […]

  8. Septia08880 says:

    Dar 50 pertanyaan, jawaban yg paling anju-ini-KakSon-aneud dan paling aku suka 😀

    “11. What is Sonia’s favorite color of clothing?
    Lot of Black. Because she’s ready for your funeral.”

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