Hi, bad news, earlier this day I just lost my iPhone, I relied on my mobile phone so much and I lost all my contacts-email-all, BlackBerry Messenger. And I still have a problem with accessing my Line account, and WhatsApp. It’s an utter disaster. For now you can’t reach me by my line or WA or number.

Anyway, for those who wants to buy e-book/book you can email me to or if you need anything regardless the outcome, you can contact me by twitter @IJaggys 🙂 

Thankyou for the notice 🙂


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Sorry, am I supposed to know who you are?

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  1. baebae says:

    ah ada disini pesannya hehe…, nanti ku kontak kalau jd belinya, taku pesan tgl 22 april ini baru bisa ambil kartu atmnya di bank, n btw album exo yang xoxo n mama mash ada nggak?

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