People will love you. People will hate you. And none of it will have anything to do with you.
― Abraham Hicks



It’s weird to think that someone you just walked past might be the last person on earth that someone somewhere else wants to see.

Or there’s someone in the world who wants nothing more than to see that person today, but they can’t and you can.

And you don’t even think about it.

It’s just strange to think about what these random people mean to others and to their family or their ex or their teachers. I think about the people in my life that I hate and the people I love and how others just walk past them every day without knowing what they mean to me and that almost makes me angry.

I do the same thing too.

If I think about it too much, it just gets so overwhelming.

People are so important and there’s so many of them, it seems impossible that there could be so much meaning everywhere.

But then people leave, you don’t want them to leave but they have to.

And for me, I thought she was my home.

But she left me in the rain.

Han Cheonsa left me in the rain.






the next coming up installment: Home.


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7 responses »

  1. fsshy says:

    Poor donghae. Come to me and I never left you. Trust me. Hahahahhah *bner ga sih kata katany

  2. mychococho says:

    bau bau nya akan putus nih…. angst dong genre nya yachhh *just request

  3. gaemgyukkuru says:

    Kok Donghaenya menyedihkan😢 Apa Cheonsa-Donghae mendapat masalah besar? Well, ini keren. Sekian, terimakasih/?

  4. itsmevt says:

    Udah lama banget gak kesini, karena kesibukan. Terakhir kali “Silver of Her” part 1 apa part 2 gitu, udah lama~ banget. Sekarang blog lo udah rame lagi.

    By the way, ini singkat, tapi ngena. Gue jadi galau, yah, ada part dimana ngewakilin perasaan. Quotenya juga~ hhh

  5. MaeriL86 says:

    Happy new year, IJaggys! Semangat baru di tahun yang baru, ya.

    Tahun baru dapat story baru dari antimainstream couple. Kasihan banget lelaki Laut Timurku ditinggal di tengah hujan.
    Ga bisa, ya sekali-kali Donghae ga jadi pihak yang tersakiti dalam kisah mereka? TT TT
    Waiting for next chapter—Home.

  6. applepuu says:

    Tak kirain ini sekelumit curhatan sonia permata. Emang bego mah gue bacanya, covernya aja donghae. Hahahaahaha. Tapi kalimat ini “Han Cheonsa left me in the rain.” bikin JLEBBBB bgt. Gatau kenapa.

  7. soofiatj says:

    Sabar ya, Ikan. Masih banyak ikan yang lain kok😂😂😘

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