This is Jade’s Diary



Story Four —The Morning After—


It’s the day after sunday. I did not have to throw up last night, and I don’t have to exercise compulsively today. It’s just another day. Yay!

Tried watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s again yesterday. I could not do it. I absolutely hate Holly Golightly’s character. She comes off as painfully, and excruciatingly ignorant. I don’t know if one should call her a dreamer, or a bimbo. I really really don’t. But either way she is extremely beautiful and so I guess all her sins are effortlessly forgiven.

C’est La Vie, right? Why is that?


jane2 (Jane is wearing Jacob’s shirt and snapback today, she’s just naturally perfect- I do not feel intimidated.)



Anyway my life has transformed from something that once used to feel extremely empty and moderately stimulating, into something with so much meaning and value, I am so glad none of my old suicidal fantasies ever materialized.

I want this space to be something more than just a place of pictures, and meaningless rants. Rather, I want to write words that matter. Words that breathe life. Words that have the potential of adding something, to someone- somewhere.

So just for today- If you ever feel down, and like nothing really matters, it does. Or rather it will. It will and it will and it will.

Well, if you are reading this, I assume you are anticipating some sort of stimulating content! And I want to deliver, I’m just not sure I remember how. I have been reading some of Jane’s diary lately, many of which make me cringe. I do not want to make you cringe.

Now Me and Jane are driving to have rice porridge in Koreatown now- yay!

I will be back.


P.S: Jane, Jacob and I, are planning to do some vacay exploring the Asia. Tokyo would be nice I think. We’re doing just fine 🙂 

Your Perkinsons,

Jade xo

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  1. slovesw says:

    halo kak Sonia! iseng mampir terus buka The Perkinsons hahaha, soalnya aku jarang baca cerita gini. aku dulu kayanya pernah baca The Perkinsons, tapi indonesian ya? first pov-nya si kembarannya, Jane. Kayanya masih ada yg lain jdi aku nanti mau baca haha 😀
    dan, btw…. INI CARA DELEVINGNE-KAH?? (asli kalo salah malu) (mampuz)
    Jade, mungkin dia lebih ke nerdy, ya? kalo aku baca dari tulisannya sih, gitu. hahahah

    “So just for today- If you ever feel down, and like nothing really matters, it does. Or rather it will. It will and it will and it will,” <<< aku suka sm yang ini X)))

    • IJaggys says:

      hai tata! welcome welcome welcome! waw kayanya kamu bukan pengunjung baru ya soalnya yang indonesia terbit taun 2012 (past three years lol)

      hahaha thankyou for visiting! looking foward to read over Donghae/Cheonsa’s fic x))))))))))))))))))

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