Well, Hi everyone! Yaps, I haven’t quite died yet LOL 

I am in fact, still here, still kicking and really, really busy, which is why the frequency of my posts has become pitifully inconsistent, why I’ve almost stopped writing any story (Yes that can actually happen to IJaggys!) and why, this will be the cold era on Beckhamlovesbadda for a little while.

It’s hard to say this, but yeah, I’m on my period to out for enjoying life. College has been okay with me, but the paper assignments is still kicking me everywhere everyday everyclass everytime. And for that, Well, like, uhm, I wish you guys still visiting this grave LOL yeah (Naomi keeps hitting my stat views everyday, and I think I should say thanks to myself for created the fictional-human-character like Naomi and the-sick-psycho fictional-character Cho Kyuhyun LOL xD)

I’m going on hiatus for a short while. I shall be back soon with new and wonderful things to share with you.

While I’m on hiatus-mode, I’ve udpated my library! Yeay I’m a good owner lol And for people who want to buy LOVELY COMPLEX S1 or S2 you can contact me through the link below:



If you guys miss me, you can still meet me on @IJaggys and Instagram: IJaggys. And if you miss the human fictional bitches -Han Cheonsa- you can greet her on @HCheonsa or Instagram: HCheonsa. 

Or you want to read my diary bergembok here:  Cœur de la Mer

I do hope that some of you still stick around in here, even though I won’t be posting as frequently/or even not at all. But I promise, I will be back soon enough 🙂

See you, when I see you Golds!

Your Holy Gracious First Lady,



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Sorry, am I supposed to know who you are?

11 responses »

  1. before you left I remind you still owe me a gift first lady!
    I see you’ve decided to take a hiatus so you can comeback later with nothing but my long-waited-gift. xoxo

    ps: pls consider to make another naomi-kyuhyun stories on your comeback. I kind of miss them. XD

    • IJaggys says:

      Hi you the one who keeps awake at this -rest private time- lol hahahahaha I’m on my writer’s block everything I write is just a big shit and I’m like, oh I need to write a goodbye letter for a sort while.

      But don’t worry I’ll be back soon with the gift, Playing God, Voldyinterworld, oneshots, and my bitchy live journal lol.

      “Okay bro, I guess we really need a time to break. I know we’ve been dating out for so long but, I think we need to chill out through this cold era. I love you, I still am the same person who once you loved to be. And IJaggys is not dead, you’re still alive and you’ll always be my deepest secret xx.

      Your holy gracious first lady, from an unsent letter to IJaggys and Microsoft Word.”

      Sent from my iPhone


  2. mychococho says:

    be back soon, lady….

    Ganna miss yaa lolz..

  3. applepuu says:

    gonna be missing you ~~~
    when my college stuffs gave me shit, you & the stories are the one who made me smile. hahaha ..
    be back soon !!!! fighting !!! wish we luck ^^)/

    • IJaggys says:

      I’m gonna miss you, everyone in here, but I’m still here I just stopped my working ms.word paper for a while.

      I promise to be back soon! xx

      Sent from my iPhone


  4. cakebuttermilk says:

    soniaa janga tinggalin gue, jangan tinggalin gue di dunia kejam, suck penuh dengan penghianat ini, gue butuh ff lo

    cepetan balik, gue bakal nunggu lo kok,
    buat kuliah lo semangat aja eah -_-”

    gue butuh kyuhyun butuh cheonsa butuh laki gue di ff lo >3<
    miss you deeh ~

  5. petrichor says:

    Halo, baru mampir ke sini eh, baca postingan ini.

    Lg sibuk sm dunia yg fana ini ya?!

    Selamat menikmati masa hiatusmu..

    Dan cepatlah kembali dg suasana hati & pikiran yg lebih fresh. 🙂

    See ya, next year^^

  6. SparEvil says:

    Eonni…Jangan lama” y hiatusnya ‘,’
    aku psti kgen sama eonni,smua ff eonni,n ldh+hcs tentunya ‘,’
    pliss eon lnjutin ff THE MAD MONK ;D syang bingit kalo gk di lnjutin ;D itu ff lucu,somvlak pula :v
    wkwk,,pkoknya jan lama” deh eon hiatusnya 😉
    WO AI NI ♥

  7. ikmaqrh says:

    semoga kembali :).soalnya banyak.penulis yg hiatusnya selamanya –‘

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