“There are several reasons why I turned out to be kind of a bitch. One has to do with my dad, one has to do with my dad   being never care about me since i was 9.”



Dear Person Who Has Been Sleeping Under A Rock, My Lovely Daddy.

I love when my male teachers talk about their families and their daughters and stuff and when they have framed pictures of their kid’s first day in school or whatever on their desks, Dads (good dads) are my favorite kind of people, i just love knowing that they exist because my dad didn’t.

it sucks when i see parents that like really love their kids. most of the time i’m fine or whatever, i don’t care. but when you see a dad that plays baseball with his son, or lets his kid ride on his shoulders, or holds his daughter’s hand when they’re crossing the street or like… take you home after school and goes to theme park and helps out with homework and yeah i can’t deal with it i don’t know what to do, because i’ve never been through the moment when i have my dad as my superman or somewhat that every little girl ever dreamed of for her daddy.

Dad, all i know about you is that i loves your bucks so don’t blame me about everything we’ve been through as a daddy-daughter.



Dear Dad, everything’s your fault. Love, Me.




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Sorry, am I supposed to know who you are?

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  1. Sorry…but Are you dissapointed with your dad??
    Your words seem so strong.

    • IJaggys says:

      yes because my dad never think i’m exist since i was 9 hahaha bad behaviour language but its okey 😀

      • Really?? Your daddy must be super busy. Just like my dady. 🙂
        I know what you feel, anyway. Cause I have super busy parents since I was 7 yars old 🙂
        But Dont worry…it help you to grown up independently 🙂

      • IJaggys says:

        He’s busy maintain all his stuffs for feeding me well, hahaha i bet its okey since he works hard for me.

        but this is the problem why i never getting closer to him, i’m not living with him since i was 9. i lived alone in big city, i’m the first one who left his house and started ruining my old sister and my little brother desires for moving out to big city like me.

        two, he loves to marry. oh god. i think my personal life is more cruel than Han Cheonsa’s life. hahaha i shouldn’t even tell you this.

        thankyou in advice n.n

  2. Marsha Cho says:

    be strong darl :-*

  3. agree with marsha cho,,
    be strong baby

  4. wirochingu says:

    and…. i’m sorry for asking you this one. what about your mom???

    however, everything just going to be okay in the end… still growing up as a good girl, love.

  5. jin ara says:

    Aku ga punya komen kalau buat yg ini maaf tapi aku bener bener ah bingung mau berkata apa hahahaa sekali lagi maaf

  6. Hayoung says:

    Beb, gue lagi bacain live journal lo lho sekarang, gue mulai tertarik bacain karya tulis lo sejak salah satu temen fangirl gue ngasih ff lovely complex -yang sangat gue caci maki tapi gue kagumi- than gue tertarik than dia sering ceritain blog lo than gue tertarik baca ff lo yang lain. awalnya gue sama sekali ga tertarik buat ngestalking ini wp bahkan ga pernah terlintas di otak gue. Tiba pada saatnya gue lagi buka chrome dan ada histori gue buka wp ini, /karena temen fangirl gue cerita dia ngakak ples iri sama lo yang dengan seenak jidat nonton ss6 tanpa susah payah ke gue, sampe ngasih link gue disuruh baca dan gue cuma buka wp lo dan gue tutup lagi ^^v *next/ i was interesting. Dan akhirnya tiba waktu gue yang beberapa jam lalu lagi bosen galau iseng gimana gitu, terus gue inget ini wp entah kenapa, so gue baca live journal lo mulai dari ss6 dan sampe sekarang. Tadinya gue cuma mau jadi silent reader karena gue bukan orang yang begitu pandai merangkai kalimat dalam sebuah tulisan, tapi gue terenyuh saat baca live journal about your daddy. Gue sama temen fangirl gue selalu berfikiran lo adalah makhluk astral super seenaknya yang beruntungnya najis amit amit bikin semilyar orang iri yang semua lo inginin lo punya, apalagi materi. *hcs banget sih lo! Bete gue(?)* bacot banget yeh gue wkwkwk. Gini men, ga salah sih kalau gue rasa lo nyalahin daddy lo tapi lo pernah ga mikir kalau misalkan daddy lo jauh lebih mikirin lo, jadi daddy lo ngelakuin -yg menurut lo sebuah kesalahan- itu karena ga mau kedepannya nanti malahan ada lagi yg lain lain yang makin ga enak. So sabar aja. Tuhan selalu punya sesuatu yang lebih indah suatu saat. /a common quote/ sumpah demi bibirnya eunhyuk yang pink nan plumpy gue gatau ini ngetik apa. Maafkan aku:”) Sekian

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