If you think Han Cheonsa is sitting home crying about her latest rumour, “are they getting back together?” being bashed all over the net from the anti-fans, you are seriously mistaken. The Queen Of scandal One, was hanging out in Rococo highclass bar Thursday night.

She brought her new friend, Darcy Lee, (which is known as the EX-girlfriend from Thunder-MBLAQ) and Darcy’s boyfriend, Matt who got the full noticed from the papz. Cheonsa looks Incredibly Stunning with her and donned thigh-high stiletto boots and a black leotard with a white rolled-up shirt over it. The Queen Of Scandal seemed at ease and ready to party hard until die.

Cheonsa and Darcy enjoyed the high-party so much, Cheonsa finally revealed the old habit that she can’t quit until now. when she hung around and free-styled with some of the dancers. Then she climbed into Danilo Lewis’s DJ booth. We hope her sexy-may-boyfriend Lee Donghae, won’t be explode after seeing this hot headline from Paris.

We all knows that Han Cheonsa loves party so much “Lets party hard so we forget yesterday and so we don’t remember the next couple hours” as she tweeted.

We got the leaked of some pictures party last a few nights from Cheonsa Official blog (powerayman.wordpress.com)

(Cheonsa Caption: Haters please die pretty soon)

Left: Darcy – Right: Cheonsa

Right: Cheonsa – Left: Darcy

(we had the awesome tipsy night and Darcy&Matt was the awesome patner for Vodka and Weed LOL! We’re forever the Party Animal)

Matt Lee

(the hottest guy ever who Darcy brought up last night, i took this photo from Darcy iPhone secretly i can’t let myself go home without the piece of Matt in my iPhone LOL)

Cheonsa finished off the night by dancing and singing along with the people and the DJ, they had the most wonderful Party Animal ever! since The Queen Of Scandal attended this Party.





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  1. Oh nice article papz n,n
    I love that you wrote the word EX in capital letters hahahaha
    Thank god they didn’t noticed me and GD flirting LOL

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