Lost and found: Once lost, Lee Donghae has found love again — with last-time girlfriend Han Cheonsa. The hottest hallyu star and the ‘Queen Of Scandal’ were spotted holding hands outside the building as they attended the SNSD Concert on Seoul just last week.

This on-off couple have been dunzo for a few months now, but Lee Donghae and Han Cheonsa were spotted sneaking around again SECRETLY the two still prefer for “hide and seek” with media about their relationship.

They may have called it quits again in January, but sources close to the situation say the Korean hotties Lee Donghae are already giving things another try. “The two, who dated for one year, are quietly seeing each other again,” a source tells EnewsLive!

They don’t know what will happen,” the source says. “They’re taking it slow. They love each other so much and miss each other, but their relationship is so complicated.

The netizens respons this as un-suprised news: “They’re back together before you can say ‘it’s over,’ and broken up again before you can say ‘they’re back together’ … just so they can get back together all over again.”

So are they back together? we hope so.










p.s: this news for the teaser of next chapter xoxo

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  1. leemantha says:

    Ini ff yang si jun jun itu bukan? hahaha

  2. sha_fishy says:

    yaaayy…..they’re together again!!!i know they will find the way back to each other….
    i ship them so much!!Lee Donghae-Han Cheonsa,FIGHTING!!!


  3. park heeyoung says:

    cie yg kabar balikannya udah tersebar luas nih
    tinggal nunggu konfirmasi dr mrka aja nih hahaha
    ujung2nya hcs ttp balik ke ldh
    ada untungnya jg si abang ikutan blind date tu
    gara2 cemburu akut hcs ngajak balikan ya huahahahaha

    • IJaggys says:

      cieee yang si cheonsa udah mulai ga galau di dtwitter eaaa xDDD iya tapi kayanya masih lama nih huahaha
      iyasih beruntung juga si dongek blindate jadinya cheonsa cembokir :p

  4. Faaachan says:

    Cheonsa – Donghae balikan = pesta 7hari 7malem nyahahaha..
    Itu foto editan yah?? Itu punggung si dongek??

  5. hahaha, jadi berasa baca berita beneran,, wkwkwkkwk
    oke, aku sependapat bgt sma comment netizen yg unsurprise diatas,, kekekkekk 😀
    bener” HC and LDH banget itu,,

    • IJaggys says:

      hahahahaha yeaaaay berarti aku berhasil ngebuat terasa real wkwkwkw
      HCS LDH tuh bener bener mahluk ababil penuh dilema cinta *najong amit hahaha*

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