News just broke that Queen of Scandal’s Han Cheonsa has decided for telling the world that is an ending in her relationship with superstar Lee Donghae SJ. Just a few months short of making to the one-year mark, Han Cheonsa and Lee Donghae have reportedly called it quits again.

Cheonsa and Donghae had been quietly dating and also made an appearance together at Jang Dong-gun and actress Koh So-young wedding last year. A few hours before news first surfaced the two had split, Cheonsa tweeted, “i’m not going to make it work again but i’ll make it as history..”

usually Lee Donghae refused to comment about his former girlfriend’s tell-all, saying that they are going to break up “very sensitive issue.” but now Lee Donghae keep his mouth silence with his blinded smile.

the rumour said, that their relationship had been too much got leacked at cheating and scandal. Lee Donghae and Han Cheonsa have been going through a rollercoaster of scandal since Cheonsa’s scandal dating or cheating revealed last week with Cho Kyuhyun SJ known as Lee Donghae bandmate. as the actor,singer and superstar Lee Donghae is having trouble dealing with key problems in their relationship.

They had been on and off for a while. They tried to work it out but realized their relationship ran its course” a source told Us Weekly, which first reported the news.

SM has been confirmed about this shocking news Relationships come and go as people seek out that special someone to spend the rest of their days with, and Korean Showbiz certainly sees its fair share of unsuccessful tries at love.

The two were last spotted together kissing each other in the frozen of Myeondong street a few days before Christmas Eve last december.


Was it the right decision? for this King&Queen’s couple?




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  1. faaachan says:

    kok cuma news?? -__-v

  2. ayu says:

    cheonsa is the real voldemort 😀
    with her new nick “queen scandal”
    bener dah..main gila nih cheonsa..

  3. kyungrainbee says:

    Wow.. HCS and LDH in E!Newslive!
    muahahaha XD

    O.o I’m more interesting with E!Fashion, E! FashionPolice or E!Shows ..
    Hahahaha ..

    But i’m gonna changed my mind for that sake scandal!
    Hahahaha XD

    • IJaggys says:

      yeah because i’m so western so i absolutely perefer to E!Newslive than entertaiment weekly on KBS LOL

      goddes E! lovers too? lately i found my self become addicted to “Keeping up with kadarshian” or “Kourtney & Kim Take New York” even the reality made 100% of bullshit and crap but i love it! xD

      okey go change your taste into E!Newslive from now on xD LOL

  4. Na says:

    Voldy, Ratu scandal.
    Hmm… Not bad lah~ bagus malah!
    *plak 😛

  5. kyungrainbee says:

    Oh c’mon entertaiment weekly on KBS was so bored!

    not only E! but Fox, Fox Crime, Fox Star, MTV and Thrill Channel..
    I love them than RCTI, SCTV, MNCtv or another channel that for God’s sake just showed unimportant soap operas..

    You watched it too?
    I love that reality too..

    I will hohoho of course XD

    • IJaggys says:

      not so bored but i think Cheonsa didn’t fit perfectly with KBS or SBS LOL

      yeah that’s why i’m using private tv cable at my room eventough i’m not often watching tv at Home but LOL at spore i become addicted to E! and starworld. i love soap opera if it comes to NY not Indonesia JK

      watch what? The Bitchy Of Kadarshian? of course i watch this show since E! still don’t have Style Network hahaha

      watch the step Cheonsa will up for E! hahaha

      • kyungrainbee says:

        Of course yeah..
        She, with her western style show up on KBS? Hahahaha XD

        I can’t imagine it..
        A ajjeoshi with old style submitted that news.. Muahahaha XD

        You rite!
        I’m better watch NCIS or American Next Top Model than Indonesia’s soap opera with excessive story..

        I think Cheonsa should made Cheonsa’s Life Scandal show on E! channel!
        Maybe that show’ll be more popular than Kadarshian’s show baby..
        Hahahaha XD

      • IJaggys says:

        BIG NO for Ajjushi or Ajjhuma who will story telling Cheonsa’s scandal hahahaha

        …………………are you a big fan of NCIS too? WELL I AM A BIG FANS OF NCIS FROM SEASON 1 TILL 9, loves Gibs,Ziva,Dinozzo,Abby till death xD (to tell you i’m secretly shippering Ziva&Dinozzo to be paired as a couple from season 4 till now LOL) and for American Next Top Model i thought you’ve guessed it that i absolutely watch this show from circle one until circle 17 All Stars, love the way madam Tyra with her gangs such Niggle Baker etc packing this show to be entertainer the viewers from one till seventeen hahahaha and for Indonesia i can’t compared anything above :p

        really? then i’ll make Cheonsa have the glorious expensive wedding with LDH and get divorce in day 71 LOL LOL LOL

      • kyungrainbee says:

        I think they -ajjushima- will kolaps first before tell Cheonsa’s scandal because for their era there’s not scandal like that muahahaha XD

        Yeah, i’m NCIS lover. I can watch them even 2 am!
        I love Abby with her brilliant, McGee, Dinozzo with his-playboy-charisma and Ziva with her-style and Gibbs with his-leadership..
        Love them so much! So badly!

        Are you Dino-Ziva shipper? Hahaha XD
        Me toooooooo!

        Do you watch Bones and Lie to me too?!

        You’re really true!
        They could entertain every well.
        Oh.. Tyra !
        *I wanna be On Top*

        muahahahaha XD
        I think LDH wanna frustated and be poor after that show!
        Hahahaha XD

      • IJaggys says:

        “ican watch them even 2AM?” pardon? don’t clearly understand hahahaha

        good if the ajjhumas got kolaps because they are so out of 21century LOL

        yeah i’m Dino-Ziva shipper i swear they are so endlessly in love when they’re on red carpet for premiere the new season /fangirling thought xD/
        and i’m started to shippering Abby&McGee too the snails couple ever! hahaha

        BONES AND LIE TO ME OMG HOW COME I CAN MISSED THOSE AMAZING TVDRAMA AFTER NCIS AIRED EVERY SATURDAY OR WHATEVER FOX LIKES LOL LOL LOL do you watching Modern Family too? because i’m damnly in love with that drama and Manny&Phill xDD

        Tyra should change the theme song for ANTM more attractive than “na na na na~~” hahahaha

        that’s why i considered for making “Keeping Up With Cheonsa” for robbery LDH’s money LOL :p

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