“I lost track of the time since i last saw you

you are not with me anymore

but still hard for me to move forward

because i’m still hoping

i admit i spent the days  looking back at every memory

how i am with you

and you are with me

please don’t think that i never wanted to hurt you

the truth is

i’m hurt as much as you are

maybe someday, i’ll see you again

i can’t be with you…

but it doesn’t mean i don’t love you.


-Lee Donghae to Choi Siwon- 


warning: This is fan-made, all subtitles are fake and the clips are not.

So this video fan-made was found yesterday when I blocked my school! #scores to lazy to meeting up with school yesterday LOL then I had nothing to do so I lurking all over Tumblr non-stop.

I found so much precious things xD but this is video fanmade was the best ever!

Siwon and Donghae broke up! Yeaaay I don’t know but when I watch this I can’t stop laughing, grined and……cry?

Why I cry? Because the fake subs is so TOUCHING! Uh really the creator of this fake subs is the best ever LOL

but in the other of my thoughts I think I love this video fanmade because siwon and donghae is breaking up there. You know why I’m so glad about it because i become don’t like siwon anymore lately for many reasons I kicked him out from my master bias list LOL #cheesyme #nohate ^^v

Actually the reason is…some boy who had flawless’s lips, sexy voice, and of course his sexy little things i needs….. who made me can’t be moved from Cho Kyuhyun x)

so i think it will be what-a-wonderful-world if Donghae confirmed their secret relathionship with Kyuhyun /slaps ahahahaha
Uhm yes I’ve been talking about Kyuhyun much lately and yes I’m about to fall over with him ❤ but like Donghae’s script

“i can’t be with you…

but it doesn’t mean i don’t love you.”


so Choi Siwon i’m still in love with you as my Daddy Rich LOL 😀



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  1. Park Yeosin says:

    Muahahahah,,,,,,,,*evil laugh ala Kyu*
    baca judulnya z dah senyum gaje, baca caption’a ketawa ngakak, Siwon as your Daddy Rich…?? OMG, You’re so bitchy Little Kid,,,,,,, LoL 😄

    nonton videonya pengen jingkrak2 saking senangnya, tapi berhubung bos da di ruang sebelah jadi di tahan aza LOLLOL……….
    well, video ini benar2 sesuatu banget *syahrini Mode:on*, brasa nonton drama beneran,,,,,,, wkwkwkwkkw

    Honestly, i hate SiHae, EunHae, EinSihae, and KyuMin Couple , i just love KyuHae #plakk

    thanKyu Little kid, for cheering me this early morning,,,,,,,, LOL

    • IJaggys says:

      Bwahahahahahahaha ganyangka ada yang mau komen di post-an geje nan lovely ini *nyolong senyumanya kyu*

      Bener kan? Nonton video ini gabisa berenti nyengir2 geje untung aja bos kamu galiat kalo liat ntar demen lagi /giles wkwkwkwkw

      Uhm yes MY DADDY RICH $.$ ahahahaha I’m bitch but everybody loves me LOL

      Yes forever KYUHAE! #scores!

      you’re welcome this is the best place for enjoying your eyes with Kyuhae’s things LOL ahahahaha xD

  2. tyfanny says:

    fan made yg oke banget XDD

  3. shilla_park says:

    i’ve already watch this vanmade couples month ago.. from eps 1-4 but till now there is no sequel.. i love sihae.. um sorry i love all siwon’s pairing but i rather yewon or wonkyu.. sorry hae (?)
    uaaahhh siwon is just so gentle.. i love him loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee him so muchhhhhhhh… *clinging siwon* 😀

    • IJaggys says:

      ahahahahaha yes i know i’m forever late just had a free time a few days ago for tumblring ><

      no need. i love the way siwon until now LOL;p

      stop clinging in my Daddy :p

      • shilla_park says:

        daddy?? he’s not/
        what make he being ur dad? he’s not.. he’s my hubby..and i dont have a bitchy kid like u… wkwkwk 😛

      • IJaggys says:

        mom how come you shouted like that to your bitchy kid like me? LOL my Daddy will give you an earful LOL
        ahahahahaha 😀

      • shilla_park says:

        i said i dont have bitchy kid… and siwon will never give me earful.. he will give me his love and his..ehm..his..ehm..something.. (?) 😀

      • IJaggys says:

        ……..Why you gonna be so mean lately to me? I’ve stopped my addict to csw. Ahahahahahahaha

        Bitch get off out my line *grab CSW’s mastercard fastly* LOL xD

  4. shilla_park says:

    i just dont get u.. if u’r not addcted to my csw then why u grab his mastercard?? its mine u know.. his belonging is mine.. from head do toe, inside outside, big and small…all is mine… 😀 *laugh*

    • IJaggys says:

      I promise I’ve stopped my addict to CSW but not in his RICHIE RICH TOO LOL! Still addicting bout it so much xDDDD

      I love csw with only reason….his mastercard whose can made me robbery Debenhams LOL xD /hughtightcsw/ :p

      • shilla_park says:

        yet u call him daddy? no way..
        get ur hand off of him and his mastercard.. i will never let u take everything not even a single sen.. i told u its ALL MINE.. 😀

      • IJaggys says:

        Take him. He’s all yours. Except… THE MASTERCARD ofcourse because my jaggy its not rich enough to let me holding the master card like my lovely daddy do ❤

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